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Opdateret: 27. juni 2020

German Poker is an application for Android, iPhone, PC and other mobile devices. Do you like poker but don’t want to go to the casino? Are you the best player among a group of friends? Do you want to play poker in the comfort of your own home-surrounded by snacks, and everything you need is at your fingertips? Do you have a good poker face? Playamo is developed and designed by Playshoo Limited, one of the most famous and well-known game developers on the market today, even if you are at home, Playamo still allows you to play with friends-it can be used on Android, iPhone, PC and other mobile devices .

You can start using it without registration. Win big prizes and rewards and provide your friends with the best poker game experience they can get

How to play poker in Germany

When playing games on the Android platform, all you have to do is touch the screen of the gadget or device, and the character will move in the direction you want or the card you want. You are sitting at a table with a card drawer in the middle. He or she draws cards, and then you will make the player form a circle on the edge of the table.

Colored chips Just like in a real game, players also have chips. Each colored chip means a certain amount of money. Blue chips represent 2000, red chips represent 10,000, yellow chips represent 40,000, the last chip, and the highest value green chip is 100,000. The chips owned by each player appear to the right of the profile picture on the table. Once the player bets, the number of chips is automatically subtracted.

card Cards are created and distributed among players. You can see the map loading from the map, and then you will be in the middle of the table. The player's card will be upside down on the right side of his profile.

Free drinks As in the casino experience, players will also receive several rounds of drinks. The corresponding price of each drink is deducted from the total amount you invested in the game.

Win the competition The mechanics and rules of the game are similar to the games you play in real life. Since everything is computer generated, there are very few card counts and other deceptions in this game.

Win the game and the highest money at night. At the end of the game, you will be able to get the required chips from the equivalent amount of currency. If you choose to play again in the next round, you will be able to use this money to buy more chips.

In a big event In this game, you can participate in large competitions and win championships. Large games are random in the game.

King of poker

If you play with your friends or compete with other players on CasinoSlots, you will be able to save as much coins and money as possible. If you win, you will have more room at a higher position in the game-from professional players to players who eventually become the king or queen of poker!

Characteristics of German poker Poker players love some great features of this game. These features include:

Breathtaking graphics German Poker has excellent 3D graphics-from characters to game environment, sound effects and games. The illustrations and lighting effects are so vivid that you think you are in a real Las Vegas casino!

Real casino atmosphere

In terms of the stunning graphics above, this game also has a real casino feel-only you are sitting in front of the computer. You can watch some martinis to get characters while playing the game.

Free games Another great feature of German poker is free. After downloading or installing, you will have fun. However, after adding certain items to your favorites, you need to buy them online. If you still want to play chips, you can buy more chips with real money.

Play with your friends This is a great way to get along with friends, especially when you and your group rarely meet.

Play in real time Play German poker in real time, so you don't have to wait for other players to start the game.

May be addicted Do you have a story about someone who is addicted to poker in a casino? Well, this is no different from those games. Whether you win or lose, you may be addicted. In this version alone, you will not lose too much money every time you walk into the casino. However, don’t be too overwhelmed, and don’t say you haven’t received a warning about its PC features. Casino slot machine

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