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Opdateret: 27. juni 2020

Our editors searched and analyzed international quotations for online poker rooms together with professional poker players. Over the years, we have been searching for the best poker rooms with the best quotes and poker bonuses.

Is there online poker in German?

German is one of the most widely used languages ​​in every poker chat box. After the English market, Germany is now the second largest market, and Germany is the stronghold of online poker. Therefore, we have listed and evaluated the providers available in Germany and provided them with software in German. CasinoSlots also has the most stylish and well-designed news from the online poker world.

The list is regularly updated and expanded to online poker rooms accessible to Germans. We have been following emerging poker providers and negotiating new exclusive offers for our players with our existing partners. If there is anything new, you can find it in the online poker news. At the same time, most online poker sites display their homepage, poker lobby and related software in German. Our list does not indicate how many German players are in each poker room.

"German poker room" does not mean an online provider based in Germany, but a provider of online poker in Germany.

playing what

All online poker providers offer the most commonly used poker variant in the world: Texas Hold'em. In special cases, only use German to chat. Some poker providers have B. The games offered are subject to regional restrictions. In other words, only players from certain countries can register. In games for German-speaking countries, players from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are usually accepted.

Of course, you can also chat in German. This is a list of the best poker sites online of course, all sites are available in German.

Eligibility to participate in German live competitions online?

For qualifications, such as B. For large live poker tournaments and online events, as well as regular cash games, it makes no difference whether you install software in German or other languages. Passing means passing, regardless of language. It doesn’t matter if the language setting matches the country where you live. The poker room to celebrate eligibility allows you to start the game from the airport closest to where you live. Sometimes it is even a matter of negotiation.

Chat in German or English?

However, if you want to communicate with other players in the game, you should generally use English (if German is not explicitly allowed). Regardless, most poker terms are in English.

After the Black Friday event, the European market has become increasingly important for all online poker providers. Since the German-speaking market is located in the heart of Europe, the poker room will continue to pay special attention to this in the future. You can participate in all major poker tournaments from EPT to WPT to WSOP with our partners. Fly to Australia, head to an Australian millionaire, or drive to Lake Constance, and compete at CAPT Bregenz. Fly to Dublin to participate in the Irish Open, or to Malta to participate in the IPT. Our German poker room is open to the world.

Several networks and individual poker rooms regularly host tournament series. These events are conducted to ensure a particularly large prize pool, and in most cases, the depth of the tournament is particularly large, which means you can get more chips and the blinds increase.

Poker news in German

CasinoSlots is one of the largest poker portals on the web and is published in more than ten languages. The German site PokerZeit is the second largest site after the English version only. In addition to the poker room and its offers, you will also find daily news from all over the world. Our international editors are always looking for stories, reporting live on the poker game, blogging and discussing the best poker strategies with positive expectations. You can find these articles in our special strategies section. CasinoSlots also has one of the largest databases on the Internet. We track the movements of thousands of watches. With us, you will find the most successful, most failed participants, the most aggressive and passive participants, the largest pot and the lowest VP$IP value.

Just download the German poker software to your computer, or play directly in the browser window. Poker is now also available from many providers

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