Guillotine from the Australian Poker Online

Opdateret: 1. juli 2020

Online poker players living in Australia will soon be unable to obtain legal offers.

The amendments to the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 will only cover the legal loopholes that have allowed the largest online poker room in Australia to date until the House of Representatives receives a vote of approval.

Opponents of a total ban on online gambling have tried to use techniques against gambling to save poker at the last minute, but the Senate defeated the bill with a strong 46-6.

The unstoppable progress of the revision has been despised by major operators. Poker is the first poker to leave the Australian market. Just like in Portugal, CasinoSlots will be used until the last minute, but it has developed an emergency plan to replace the traffic from the opposite corner with other countries (such as India). Eric Hollraiser, the communications director in the small red pickup room, realized that exports were inevitable.

Amaya will continue to monitor the regulatory environment in the country where it operates, and where legal models exist, Amaya will always strive to comply with the regulations. If the proposed legislation is passed as a law, players residing in Australia will be blocked in our room.

There are two important aspects of future regulations. Apart from the ban, there is no intention to regulate the market. The operator will not have a license. In addition to this, the sanctions and oversight measures that the law will include will be for the sole purpose of operators rather than participants.

This is the key, because in any type of game law will produce undesirable effects, which is actually the virtual protection of consumers who will be forced to use the gray market. The largest lawyer for decriminalization of online games, Senator Davids Leyonhjelm, pointed out this contradiction and pointed it out to The Huffington Post.

This is silly. If you want to play poker, there are plenty of opportunities in Australia, casinos and CasinoSlots. They just stopped it online. The world now works online.

Australia has a fairly active community of poker players. In the most determined case to continue playing, this will not work. If they have a VPN or offshore account, they will continue to play. This is a stupid situation.

This law will promote the black market. There are ways to surround these taboo methods. People will bet on suppliers using different methods

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