Online poker sites to start away from sharks.

When you are not familiar with poker, it is unwise to risk large bets in games you don't know much about. solution ? Avoid rooms full of sharks, make small bets, practice, learn and gain the experience necessary to be a good player. Poker sites now have a variety of tools to help newbies, including the ability to play games at low-stakes tables.

In fact, even before playing real money games, it is recommended that you practice the game in entertainment mode completely for free., and all provide this basic option for any beginner. Players who need to regain their confidence will also appreciate it.

Obviously, the next step is for money. This not only adds fun to the game, but if you prove yourself, you can also win the pot. Don't start with large sums of money, everything must be modest. Many online poker rooms have dedicated small gaming tables. However, before choosing a website, please check whether the website has been approved by ARJEL, which is an independent agency responsible for regulating online gambling. So you can play safely.

With the accumulation of experience, target the higher bet table. Either way, in a cash game, if you find that you are not suitable for it, you can always choose to quit the game and return to a smaller game.

But playing at low stakes tables is not enough to improve. Although the rules of poker are relatively simple, poker is a complex game, a combination of opportunity and strategy, and composure plays a major role in it. In order to help their players, the poker site has established a complete educational library, which is your best ally. has written a very educational tutorial that will delight real beginners who can grow confidently and stay away from the sharks that plague well-known sites such as PokerStars.

At, there is no such training program, but there is a section titled "Start Playing" where the Bordeaux operator explains the functions of the new software. It can be accessed on a computer, mobile device, or through an Internet browser. has a poker academy where you can find many courses and skills, as well as a free e-book signed by Bruno Solo, the ambassador of the room, these are 9 secrets to winning in poker.

But please note that large websites (Winamax, PokerStars) also provide tools for beginners. For example, website offers its "Poker School" to novice games: there are interactive videos, professionals share their secrets, fact sheets, practical advice and master classes, and also for experienced players and beginners.

Because Winamax and PokerStars are very popular in France, many professional players frequent them. If you are a real beginner, you can easily find a table that suits your level in the modest room mentioned above.

Therefore, poker has truly democratized: it is no longer just for experienced players. Newbies are now welcome into the game room, which provides them with valuable assets to improve.

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