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Opdateret: 29. juni 2020

If we look back on the past 20 years, the entire poker field can expect large-scale popularity. In particular, the attractiveness of earning real bonuses with real money on CasinoSlots (and the convenience of making entire transactions online) plays an important role for players all over the world. Now even poker tournaments are dominated by German poker players. Anyone who wants to rely on German players to achieve global success starts from a young age, just like these professionals. The goal is to start exploring online poker business with a small amount of real money. Especially worth mentioning is the poker room. In addition, we can recommend providers Pokerstars and Party Poker-two poker sites where you can use real money without any problems. However, there are many other providers that have certain advantages and disadvantages. With our comparison, you can quickly and easily find the best provider to immerse yourself in the exciting real money poker world.

Warning, attention blacklist

Of course, the German poker area is not protected by Black Sheep. This means that there are scammers in the market from time to time deceiving players and even "preferring" certain users. In our thoughts or suggestions, we will never (!) such a scum, because we will never recommend providers who do not work seriously, safely and legally. Especially in real money poker, a high degree of trust is very important. However, with our advice, you can sit back and relax, because all providers have been tested by us and have been thoroughly checked. Well-known online real money poker providers are also subject to strict licensing conditions. This means that they must comply with strict regulations and do not allow unreliable work. Therefore, if you bet on a poker provider that is not recommended in our CasinoSlots recommendations, you should ensure that you have a valid and reputable license

In the past, suspicious poker venues occasionally entered the market. Even today, there will be occasional scum. We don’t want to deny your provider of these services so that you know from the beginning that you should avoid using these pages

Why is there so much interest in real money poker in Germany?

More and more German game fans choose to play online poker on the Internet. But why? The fact is that most players choose to play real money games to enjoy the excitement and excitement, and at the same time have the opportunity to earn real income on their own.

On the other hand, some other players use the game currency model (for example, usually provided through social media). However, for most poker fans, real money poker games are really exciting.

You don't have to invest a lot of money yourself to play online poker. Especially at the beginning, it makes sense to try to test the poker game in "spend money" mode. Therefore, before you start using the real money model, you can practice your strategy with peace of mind. If you like this game, please make your first deposit and enjoy the attractive welcome bonus at the same time. Almost all poker sites on the Internet provide this service.

You should pay attention to this on a real money poker site on the Internet

If you choose CasinoSlots, an online poker site that offers real money games, you should pay attention to the range of games offered. However, this factor alone is not decisive. In our suggestion, we also pay attention to different restrictions, tournaments, many real money games and free spins, which are aimed at existing and new players-at least sometimes it is offered from time to time. This is a good choice. Players from good real money poker sites should always have the opportunity to win real money, even if there is no deposit.

For brand-new players among you, you want a first deposit or welcome bonus-a general bonus program is also very suitable, it can reward regular games and poker activities. Players are usually likely to win prizes, points or bonuses.

But even according to these standards, there is still a long way to go, because a good real money poker site should also provide various reputable payment methods. If the provider also provides PayPal (PayPal), this is a huge advantage for many players.

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