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Opdateret: 25. juni 2020

"Rien ne va plus!" excite the die-hard roulette player to the deepest part of the body. At the same time, before the advent of the German translation, beginners did not understand what it was: "Nothing!" Because of roulette, this sentence is well-known in the world: after the bet, whether you are a winner or a loser, there is no Any effect, the shudder began. Recently, thanks to the online casino, you can also enjoy the spectacle from the sofa! Casino slot machine

In the past few years, online roulette has won huge supporters. Various casinos make roulette a popular online casino game: -French roulette games -Progressive roulette games -Live games All these and more features ensure an exciting game night, and you can even play comfortably on the laptop sofa. Who knows: Maybe even a big victory. However, regardless of winning or losing, casino providers will do their best to provide players with a unique experience and make every visit to the online casino a positive experience. In this case, special mention should be made of the 3D casino, which creates a real gaming experience that makes you feel like you are a player in the largest gaming facility in Monaco, Macau or Las Vegas or CasinoSlots. However, you should not venture into an online casino without any prior knowledge; not even on the sofa...

Scum among providers

For experienced and beginning roulette players, the first step is to choose a casino provider. Although those experienced players have fixed contact points, beginners usually make good choices for providers. However, this may cause problems with withdrawals and fraud from online casinos. So it's important: only choose legal online roulette casinos in Germany! More information can be found here. With an overview of the best suppliers, you can be safe anytime, anywhere. Also check if the provider meets the following conditions: -Existing permits (preferably meaningful permits, such as permits from Malta or Schleswig


-Easy access and friendly customer service

-The highest possible payment ratio

It starts: but what do you need to consider when playing roulette?

Although roulette and therefore online roulette is a very simple game, there are still various techniques, strategies and game systems that can improve your personal performance and the probability of winning. But first the rules of the game must be explained: distinguish between American and European roulette. American Roulette offers numbers or a combination of numbers 0, 00, and 1 to 36. Conversely, in European roulette, you can expect the numbers 0 to 36; otherwise, it is 0. The total is less than the number in the United States. The numbers are also assigned red or black. Now you can set the money-or originally used for money-to the appropriate number, color or combination. In easy-to-understand language, it is possible to bet on simple opportunities -Color red or black -Even or odd numbers -Low (1-18) or high (19-36) numbers The payout ratio here is 1: 1.

In addition, there are multiple opportunities to significantly increase the payment ratio: -The betting odds are 35:1

-Betting two numbers side by side at odds of 17:1

-Bet on one of the three vertical number sequences at odds 2:1 The rules are simple. Whether the ball ends up in your bet looks like a pure game of chance. But skills, strategies and game systems provide a higher probability of winning.

Tips to improve your opportunities

One of the tricks is the game model of choice: French roulette is recommended because it will only lower the house edge of the casino due to zero. In "French Roulette", you can also benefit from the "Division" rule, which states that if the ball falls on the court with 0, you will get half the chance to bet with a simple chance. This further reduces the casino's chip advantage. Other tips:

Adjust the bet: reduce the bets on the odds series and increase the bets on the winning series

Discipline: Don’t let emotions guide you, but focus on the game Trial period: Before playing real money games, you should always use play money games

Systems and strategies in roulette games

Using systems and strategies, you must be careful when conducting research on the Internet. Because there are many sites that can advertise the sky to you, it can even be said that there are safe systems to win. It should be noted at this point: there will never be security. Like other casino games, roulette is still a game that involves a lot of risk. At least some methods can reflect different feasible strategies. For example, this is a strategy for advanced users, called the third strategy. This is about placing the money amount on three thirds (1-12, 13-24 and 25-36). The first step is to wait until the third time (for example, 1-12) does not appear four times in a row. Now, this three cents bet 1 euro. If you win, bet another €1 on the selected third. However, if a loss occurs, the stakes will increase-contrary to the previous technique, this is a game after the so-called loss progress. However, since the payout ratio is 2:1, it can be assumed that the losses will quickly cancel each other out.

Fun factor and low risk on the sofa at home are best!

If you choose CasinoSlots online roulette, then you can expect the excitement of entertainment. However, this pleasure has attracted people and made them addicted. Therefore, it is recommended that you set limits on the amount you set and always observe these limits. In addition, profit is obtained with lower expectations, and the project is considered more interesting. Then, you will successfully discover interesting and sensible pastimes on the sofa at home through online roulette.

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