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Since its establishment, roulette has attracted millions of people around the world. This is one of the most complete casino games, because although there are rules and strategies that can be used to improve the hand, it also has the exact opportunity to make it so attractive. There are many variations of roulette (for example, depending on whether we find zero or double zero on the steering wheel), but all of them are easy to learn. The basis for everyone is the same, the only difference is the sum. Try all versions, select the version you want, and request your welcome bonus to publish it immediately. Stop wasting time and meet the favorite games of people who will win you fabulous rewards, all of which are a must-see. See more on CasinoSlots

Roulette history

Blaise Pascal is a student of French descent probability. He created a spinning wheel in the 17th century. It is numbered from 1 to 36 (currently known). The roulette is called "small roulette", and as its popularity increases, it inevitably improves. Over time, the spinning ball was incorporated into the slot, making the roulette look like we know it today.

The second variant of the game added double zero (00) and was included when the roulette reached the United States in the mid-19th century. Moreover, the wheel material has been improved, which makes the game more fair. This has attracted more and more followers, and the choice to play roulette is more attractive. It is this recognition between people and players that, in the twentieth century, roulette began to lead game rankings in online casinos around the world.

Later, online casinos appeared on CasinoSlots. This allows Roulette to allow many other variants to make the game one of the most attractive games in the world. One of the most famous variants is the United States, Europe and progressive roulette, which has accumulated huge wells. Progressive allows you to place bets in parallel with the accumulated pot. It collects the bets made by machines connected to the pot, which grows exponentially as people bet. This well is sometimes randomly assigned to any player playing on the linked list at the time. Anyone wins. It does not depend on how much you bet.

The advantages of playing roulette online are endless. First of all, the game is fast, the best quality graphics and the latest generation of sounds will allow you to "ship" to the real casino table. Such a real feeling can bring you the perfect gaming experience. In turn, you can enter the play anytime, anywhere, unlimited times.

Online roulette rules

First, choose the favorite "online roulette" watch from Argentina. Then, you place a bet by selecting the chip denomination to play. Add the required tabs by clicking each tab you want to add.

Then, the most interesting part of the roulette is: press (Spin) to rotate the wheel. The steering wheel is about to start and your pace will slow down! Because the number of seconds the ball needs to adapt to you will produce a unique adrenaline. When the ball is placed in one of the slots, you will eventually know whether you benefit from betting. For example, if you are lucky enough to predict the number, color, or column on the panel, then you will immediately receive the corresponding payment in your account. We recommend that you always check the payment form.

Here we detail some of the most common online roulette:

American Roulette: This version includes double zero (00). Although, as the name suggests, it originated in the United States, it is very popular all over the world. Using double zero (00), players can have more betting options, which in turn can change the payment structure.

European Roulette: This is a known way of roulette in the standard version. This is an excellent choice because it provides the best winning plan. Unlike the US version, it has only one zero (0).

Advanced Roulette: This advanced version is created for online use. It has graphics and animations and integrated information to improve the game experience, making each session more realistic.

French Roulette on CasinoSlots: Its design is the same as European Roulette, but the difference is an additional rule called "partage" (actor table). If the ball is eliminated with zero (0), the player is allowed to return half of the bet.

Online Mini Roulette: This version is online only. It is a simplified version of the traditional online roulette game, with roulette numbers from 1 to 12, and only one zero (0). The structure of payment and betting has also changed here.


As in almost all games, underpaid bets are the bets most likely to win. That is the easiest to win. For example, in online roulette, bets are placed on columns, colors, odd and even numbers, high and low. Those who pay more are either betting in full (a number betting), or betting a few numbers at a time (2, 3, 4 numbers), although they pay less than the full amount.

It is generally recommended to place a series of more balanced bets between low risk and high salary to increase the odds.

Unlike other games, online roulette has an important advantage: it can pay all winning bets without offsetting each other. For example: if you are full and betting on the color and bar, all three bets will win.

Obviously, the chance of winning depends on the online roulette version you choose. The French version and the American version of the online roulette game have different odds.

As far as French and European roulette are concerned, they all have the same opportunity because they both use a single zero (0). However, the French version has the advantage of the "Partage" additional rule (in this rule, if the ball reaches zero (0), the player will recover half of the bet).

If it is a mini roulette, there are fewer betting options because it is a lite version with fewer available numbers, so the remaining odds are higher.

The American roulette version has additional zeros; that is, zero (0) and double zero (00). In this case, there is less chance of winning the full color. The winning colors, columns, odd and even numbers, and high and low odds remain unchanged.

Open an account and earn real money in online roulette

To start using real money games, you need to open an account in the online casino under your name. To open it, you will be asked to enter your personal data so that we can verify your identity and whether you are of legal age. After completing this operation, click "Create Account" and you are done! You only need to deposit real money in the new account to start betting.

At Argentina, we offer multiple payment methods, from bank transfer to credit card, you can make a deposit and start the game as soon as possible.

On the other hand, for new games in Argentina, we offer you a welcome bonus of up to $400 (roulette free spins 200 times!), so you can use it according to your preferences at any casino we offer you game. Just pay a deposit of $400 (the roulette can spin 200 sheets for free!), and you will get a bonus of up to 100%, or a bonus of up to $400 (200 free spins of the roulette can get an extra bonus!), so You can use them based on your usage in the best casino games owned by Argentina. Seize this rare opportunity.

Among the services we provide, we have a secure website and provide corresponding security certifications, so you can safely operate in a safe casino. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service center. A group of professionals can help you in Spanish 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Useful glossary

We recommend that you become familiar with the most common terms related to online roulette. This way, your hands will be more effective and you will be able to make the right decision. Make sure you also know the rules and strategies that can be applied to each hand.

-High/Low: Pay the same money. Bet on a set of numbers (1-18 or 19-36) to win.

-Bet on this column: 2-1 corresponds to the bet on the winning column (the number included on the turntable). Betting: Choose to bet at 2-1.

-Full Betting: Single bet to win 35-1 odds; maximum payment for online roulette.

-Bet on horses or half full: bet two numbers by placing the chips on the center line, odds 17-1.

Bet on the same money: You bet on red/black, odd/even, high/low-they have a high chance of hitting and paying the same money.

Bet Six: Bet on any six numbers (three rows, actually two horizontal bets). You pay 5-1. Cross bet: Any three numbers on the horizontal line bet, the odds are 11-1.

Color: Simple luck is based on the color of the numbers we think will appear. It can be red (18 digits) or black (another 18 digits).

Form: You can place four chips at the same time by placing the chip in the center of the selected four numbers. Payment is 8-1.

Betting Strategy: A personal guide that each player establishes when betting. It may include pre-set profit and loss limits, materials deemed necessary, sufficient budget, etc. Total profit: The amount the player collects for winning bets, but does not subtract the bets lost. Net profit: The total loss of the player on the winning bet (if the loss caused by the losing bet is subtracted), the player's winning bet is collected. Random number generator (RNG): software used in online roulette, similar to slot machines. He is responsible for determining where the virtual roulette ball will stop. Thousands of random numbers were generated.

Odd/Even: Simple luck based on whether we think the number is odd or even. There are 18 numbers in each category, which does not contain 0. Distribute: Some existing rules in European roulette, according to which players return half of their bets to a simple lot when they leave zero, but cannot recover the rest.

Third Law: A very reasonable law for great players, insisting that of the total possible number and the same number of runs, one-third will not appear, another one-third will appear once, and another one-third will appear twice.

Multiple bets: Also called multiple bets. It is those bets that have more than two possible outcomes. An example is column betting, where there are three outcome probabilities (first column, second column, or third column). Cylindre Tiers du Cylindre: French roulette with a base of zero (0). Triple: bet three numbers. Pay 11-1. If you hit any of the three numbers. Voisins du Zero: France places bets around zero (0)

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