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Labouchere plays roulette strategically

Of course, there is no guarantee that there will be big bonuses, but by using the roulette system, you can increase the chance of winning through online roulette on CasinoSlots, such as the Labouchere system. This method is also known for other names, such as "Cancel", "Crossover" and "Split Mar". In short, this game strategy means that you can pre-determine your profit, and only stop after gaining profit. But don't forget to determine the maximum loss in advance so that you can stop in time if there is a problem.

How does the Labouchere system work?

The Labouchere system works as follows. You determine in advance how much profit you want to make, for example 15 Euros Then, write down many numbers on the paper and add them together. You can easily choose 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Then, your first bet is to add the two external numbers together, so in this example it is 6 Euros (1 + 5). If you win, please mark these two numbers out of the list, leaving the 2.3.4 series. Your next bet is still 6 Euros, which is 2 plus 4.

If you lose the first bet, write the loss at the end of the list. The series will be 1,2,3,4,5,6. Your next bet is of course 7 Euros. Continue to use Labouchere until all numbers are deleted

In principle, you only stop when you cross out all the numbers in the list and reach the predetermined rate of return. It is not possible to specify in advance which number model should be used to use this roulette system. Some (more experienced) roulette players play multiple number sequences at the same time. Once, they use consecutive numbers, and another time, they place them in a random order.

Labouchere system achieve results

If you use this method to play online roulette and there is a winning series (ie, the total number of bets you win exceeds the total number of bets lost), the system will work perfectly and ensure a decent return. However, on the other hand, if you are facing a losing series (you bet more times than you win), then the Labouchere system can also cause considerable losses. The only thing you can do is to determine your maximum loss in advance and ensure that you will not continue to play the game when this limit is reached.

Features of the strategy

Difficulty: Advanced, especially when using a long list of numbers and/or splitting them Betting methods: pre-determined target profit and betting

Budget: need enough budget

Time investment: large and medium

Risk: high odds, a series of long-term losses accompanied by huge losses

Play time: variable, depending on the length of the digital series and the possible division of the series

Used for: single opportunity

The Labouchere system is an extreme system: a series of bets will quickly cause a lot of losses, but a series of winning bets will generate considerable gains. This is why this is a risky system where players must set clear limits in advance. If a large amount of loss is caused at the beginning, it is recommended to stop on time before the loss begins to increase faster. Pre-determining the target profit and a series of numbers make it a dynamic system where participants can determine their own risks.

Tips about Labouchere system

Some people even say that if you start using this game strategy and lose a few times in a row, it would be wiser to stop immediately before winning the bet. But of course it all depends on you.

Red bet strategy - smart bet on red

If you want to increase your chances of winning money and playing roulette in the casino, then it is a good idea to use smart gameplay. One of these game systems is Red bet. Whether you call it a roulette system or a strategy: using Red bets, you can increase your chances of winning in (online) casinos. With this game strategy, you will always bet on red and black. On red, you always bet twice, on black, your bet will remain the same as the first bet on red.

How do you play the red betting strategy?

Therefore, the basis of this method is to start with red betting. You will always double your bet on this color, while making a fixed bet on black (the same value as the height of your first bet on red). This will keep your chance of winning constant. The advantage of this method is that it is very easy to use. Even if you have little experience playing roulette in casinos, you will not have trouble applying this strategy. You don't have to count, and you don't need any strategy. Just doubling is enough.

Red betting strategy-name description

Since it has been statistically determined that most players in the casino choose red instead of black for betting, this roulette strategy is called a "red betting" strategy. Admittedly: this is not the most interesting name in a strategy, but it is immediately a very clear name because it specifies exactly what you should do.

Red betting strategy tips

To minimize losses, you can use the following tips to apply the red betting strategy. For example, if the number 0 drops once, make sure to double the basic bet for the next black bet. Using this method, you can quickly recover the loss caused by the number 0. Remember, with this method, your chances of being on European roulette are greater, because now there are only zeros, not even double zeros (same as American roulette). Of course, you can never be profitable, so please be prepared for possible losses.

D'Alembert system-simple and effective

If you are looking for an easy-to-use roulette system without having to think too much about your gameplay, it is best to take a closer look at the d'Alembert system. The basis of the game strategy is as follows: if you lose, increase your bet; if you win, decrease your bet. In the long run, your results are always 50/50 correct.

How do you play the d'Alembert system?

Just like many other roulette systems, you can also choose the d'Alembert system to bet red/black, even/odd or 1-18/19-36. In fact, the wise method can be boiled down to: if you lose, increase the bet by 1 unit. If you win, reduce the bet by 1 unit. For example, if you start betting at 5 Euros and lose, then the next round of betting is 10 Euros. If you subsequently win, then you play €5 again in the next round. Just like Martingale, the system will eventually bring you a considerable number of turns, and you will benefit from it (in contrast, the turning points of turns will produce a small amount (slightly larger)).

D'alembert system - the history

This system, which is often used when playing roulette in a casino, was invented in the 18th century by French mathematician Jean Baptiste le Rond d'Alembert. It is designed in such a way that you as a player both profit and at the same time protect your budget against loss. And the great thing is: you don't have to be an advanced roulette player to use this strategy. Even if it was invented by a mathematician, you do not need to make any special calculations or keep a close eye on the fallen numbers.

The secret of the d'Alembert system

The d'Alembert system is also known as one of the safest roulette methods. If you want to increase your chances of winning, how do many roulette players choose this system? The secret is that as a player, you will take as little risk as possible after winning a bet.

For many players, it seems strange to take a step back after winning a round. In fact, most players find this very difficult! However, this is actually a very sensible way to protect your profits as reasonably as possible. Therefore, there is actually a very logical explanation. It is of course important for every player to keep this in mind: know when to stop!

Strategy features

Difficulty: easy

Betting methods: For profit and loss, fixed betting units are used to increase or decrease

Budget: variable, suitable for low budget and high budget

Time investment: low to average

Risk: On average, you must win the first two bets to get a positive result

Playing time: variable, depending on the limits determined by the player

Used for: single opportunity

The D'Alembert system is one of the simplest roulette systems, designed for even betting. With this system, you will use a fixed betting unit, which makes it a very insightful and easy to use system. In the case of winning or losing, your bet will decrease or increase by one betting unit, so the bet will not increase quickly. Therefore, the risk of the D'Alembert system is not high, and because the bets per round are relatively low, you will not be able to obtain a high profit. Because your number of bets per unit will increase or decrease, as long as your fixed betting unit is not in the high position, you will not quickly encounter table restrictions.

Column strategy-betting per column

There are many roulette systems that can help you increase your chances of playing profitable online roulette. One of these methods is the strategy column. To do this, you bet on columns 1/12, 13/24 and 25/36. The payouts on these columns are 2 to 1. This means that if you bet 10 Euros and win, you will receive 30 Euros. You will therefore receive a profit of 20 Euros.

How does strategy work?

In the strategy column, you always bet by column. You bet a small amount in the first column, twice in the second column, and four times in the third column. Then, you double the small bet for each spin, and the other bets grow proportionally. It can be easily applied without much consideration of the previous rotation and descent numbers.

Varies by strategy

The column strategy is actually a variant of the Red bet strategy. In addition, you can apply the strategy yourself in other ways. For example, sometimes the following is done: Betting is only on the columns on the two external columns. The bet is black every three rounds. (The bet for this variant is the same everywhere.) By selecting two outer columns, all the red numbers are overwritten except the 4 red numbers in the inner column. In fact, the black bet can be seen as an insurance.

Strategy features

Difficulty: easy

Betting method: take a fixed basic bet and gradually lose it, and double if you lose

Budget: Need enough budget to handle multiple doubles

Time investment: small

Risk: Medium to high, a series of losses

Play time: variable

Used for: Not applicable to fixed deployment methods

The column system is an easy-to-use system, so it is very suitable for beginners. When using the column system, always make sure that the basic bet is low and always carefully check how many times your funds can be reached. Also don't forget to remember the table limits, because you can reach these limits quickly in a series of losses, especially if you have a high basic bet. The column system is not a well-defined system; as a player, you can abandon various changes yourself, which of course provides players with more creativity and tactical room.

Choose your favorite column strategy

Of course, how do you apply columns to strategies in your game? Try both systems (perhaps by playing in an online casino without having to spend your own money to practice) and see if you feel the most comfortable. Where you think you can increase your profit opportunities. Do you need tips about the best online casinos? Then take a look at our online casino overview

One-click miracle strategy-choose your number!

One method that is also widely used when playing online roulette on the Internet is the so-called "one-stroke marvelous" strategy. All you have to do is pay attention to the number that hasn't dropped in a while, and then start to use this number for all bets. You continue to play a number (your "one-shot wonder") until you win it once. Therefore, this only requires some preparation, otherwise, this is a fairly simple strategy to increase your chances of making money from playing roulette.

Wise or slow strategy?

A miracle of hit: some players believe in this, and some prefer to ignore this method. If you win, you will pay 35 to 1 immediately. So this is a good victory. You just need to be patient with this. First, pay attention to which figures have not fallen. By the way, usually you can quickly understand this by looking at the chessboard where the number behind the roulette table has dropped. After dialing the number and placing a bet, you can wait. If your number drops quickly, it will of course bring you considerable profits. However, it is also possible that this number does not appear at all, so the loss in the newspaper may be good. Most roulette players like to use a system or strategy to make your predictions close to 50% correct. For example the strategy.

One miracle: from the music industry

Most people know the word "impossible" in music. Over the years, there have been many different bands, singers or singers who have owned "One Hit Wonder" (One Hit Wonder): 1 song has a high score (for example, the first in the ranking), but then again The song can no longer reach this position. From a roulette strategy perspective, how does this work? The One Hit Wonder method starts with the assumption that one day must fall. Then you continue to bet on the number until the number drops. If you want to follow the whole process of One Hit Wonder, then once this number drops, please quickly select another number...

Memory game roulette-numbers will not fall twice quickly

If you choose to play roulette online, then of course you can maximize your chances of winning. A widely used roulette memory game is a memory game. The system is based on the theory that the numbers in roulette will not fall again soon. Therefore, you choose to bet on numbers that have not yet passed.

Memory Game Roulette: How do you do it?

How do you best apply this method yourself? First, you watched many roulette games without betting. Then, you will remember the numbers (hint: write them down!). Now all you have to do is to gamble all the numbers on the table, except for the numbers you have written down or remembered. You can also play in the same way, such as red or black. For example, if black continuously changes to black in large numbers, the chance of turning to red in the next round is greater.

Memory game with the last three numbers

By the way, most players only remember the last three dropped numbers and will skip these three numbers when they bet. 1 bet on all other numbers. If the used numbers no longer appear, then you can make a profit. Well, winning may not be that big (you bet 33 and get 36), but the chance of winning is much greater. Do you think this game strategy is also suitable for you? Try it at one of the online casinos.

But is there no memory for roulette?

By the way, the roulette game itself has no memory. According to some people, neither hot or cold numbers matter. Whether a number has failed 84 times or has dropped 8 times in a row: in both cases, the number may fall in the next round. After all, the wheel of the roulette table cannot take into account the turns it has previously turned. However, many people believe that you can use the previously dropped numbers to increase your chances of profit. Are they superstitious? Maybe.

Strategy features

Difficulty: average, depending on the situation of the number you want to remember

Betting method: Betting on numbers or other bets that have not dropped in the scheduled Round Budget: Variable, depending on bet type

Time investment: depends on how many digital cases you have to remember

Risk: Moderate

Play time: depends largely on how many numbers you have to remember Used for: multi-note

Memory games are a widely used roulette system, especially making it easy to implement. It is up to the player to decide how many digital cases he or she wants to remember, so you have a great influence on the initial time investment. Through the research results board, you can always determine your bet. You can also determine how many bets you want to make, but always consider a series of losses and set the funds accordingly. For the rest, the memory game is very dynamic: in addition to the numbers that have not dropped yet, you can also bet, for example, even bet, so when black runs a few times, the red bet drops continuously.

Pivot strategy-the basis of many roulette systems

Roulette is one of the oldest games. It forms the basis of many other roulette systems and is used by many smart gamblers. Through this strategy or method, you can increase the chance of obtaining a stable profit, and you can easily make the right choice. However, before you start using this roulette system, you must of course first understand exactly how the strategy works.

The idea behind the key strategy

The key strategy when playing roulette is based on the so-called "third rule". This is based on a natural law describing the following: Of the 36 numbers passed, only 24 are different. According to this strategy, the number of drops is actually not as random as you think. According to the law, your chances of losing are also small. All you have to do is spend some time focusing on the roulette table (especially the number dropped). If the number falls for the second time, it will become your key number. Then, you always bet the next 36 times to open the number.

Key strategies in practice

Start using a perspective strategy and see if this roulette system works for you. First, pay close attention to roulette and note the number of each spin. Do you see this song appearing for the second time? Then bet this number in the next round. You can execute up to 36 times. Did the number pass again? Accept this loss (a total of 36 bets), and then restart the process by searching for a new pivot number. If you have already made a profit because of the decline in the hub number, please select a new hub number again. Of course, if your number drops quickly, your profits are the highest.

Key strategies double your chances

Do you already have more experience in roulette? To make it more interesting (and increase the chance), if your first number has not dropped, you can also start betting on new pivot numbers. When the second number drops for the second time at the roulette table, you will also bet this number in the next round. If you add a third number later, you can of course continue to use that number. This may cost you a little extra attention, but it will make online roulette games even more fun! CasinoSlot machine

Ascot System-System Deployment

Whether you choose to play roulette or other games in the casino, you can double your bet: Ascot is a convenient system you can use. Therefore, you can only bet on parts with odds of 1/1 on each round. This means you double your bet. If you play roulette, bet even/odd, 1-18/19-36 or red/black. The Ascot system is regarded as an ancient roulette system and has been used by roulette players around the world for many years.

Operation of Ascot system

If you want to use the Ascot system to play roulette, you need to write a series of numbers on the paper. These can be any number of numbers, but it is best to write down the odd numbers. If you want to make it simple (and not too expensive), choose the number series: 1-2-3-4--5-6-7. Ascot system: use

When you first bet, the number of chips you enter is equal to the middle number in the series. So, if you use €1 chips, in this case, your first bet is €4. If you win this round, the next bet is 1 number higher than the previous bet. In this example, we are talking about €5. Each time you win, your digital series will increase by one level. If you lose once, your next bet is the lower 1 digit of the series. This ensures that you will never suddenly lose a lot of money, because if you lose your next bet, the odds will be less than the previous round. When you are at the bottom or top of the digital series, you stop betting. Then, you start again. You can continue to use the previous numbers, but this time you may want to try other numbers.

Ascot system has a long playing time

Anyone who plays in the casino in this way can guarantee a long playing time. You won’t suddenly lose a lot of money because you always make small bets. If you keep winning or losing, the shortcomings of this system are obvious. In the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 series, this does not immediately have a disastrous effect, because you always win 4 Euros and lose 5 Euros later. In total, 1 Euro is lost for every 2 games. However, if you choose a series of numbers that are far apart, this system may break you up. Suppose you choose 2-3-5-8-13-20-30, then you always win 13 euros and then always lose 20 euros. Then your negative balance is 7 euros per 2 laps, and you naturally hope to keep it.

Strategy features

Difficulty: average

Betting method: a predefined sequence of numbers determines bets in case of losses and wins

Budget: Variable, please make sure the budget matches the sequence of numbers

Time investment: average

Risk: medium to high

Playing time: very variable and depends on the length of the digital series, making it possible to play for a long time

Used for: single opportunity

The Ascot system is dynamic in nature. As a player, you need to draw a series of numbers in advance to guide your betting on winning or losing. Of course, based on a series of numbers and the amount of bets when a loss occurs, there is of course a risk that a series of losses will have a significant impact on your funds. This also has a big advantage: as a player, you need to carefully consider your number sequence and ensure that it meets your funding needs, so as to take your own risk. This requires players to provide good insight, so the Ascot system is particularly suitable for experienced players who can perform good risk analysis and deal with the volatility of the system.

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