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Opdateret: 25. juni 2020

Online roulette is no longer a niche market in Germany-German players are increasingly accessing internet portals instead of going to local casinos. Licensing providers with a Schleswig-Holstein license or other European licenses are clearly legal and we only provide such licenses here. All the information in the following text on the topic of "Online Roulette with License" on CasinoSlots has been updated in 2017 and is up to date. Here, you will only find providers that provide high-quality software and provide attractive bonuses for roulette players.

Here are our online roulette casino recommendations:

In the betting conditions listed, indicate how to release the bonus amount in the corresponding casino through the roulette. For example, "50%, 35 times" means that the amount to bet on roulette is counted as 50%, and the total bonus amount must bet 35 times before betting.

A serious online roulette casino for German players should have a license under any circumstances-the Schleswig-Holstein license is especially important for German players because it makes the game clearly legal. For an offer, the following points are important: -Accept PayPal as a payment method

-High quality involving technical implementation

-Optimize the portal used with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets

Online roulette games in Germany

Basically, in online roulette games on CasinoSlots, you can distinguish between roulette live games and non-live games. For additional information about live games, please see below. Especially new players will be interested in knowing that roulette is very diverse in online casinos. The different variants include the following:

French roulette: from here you can know the word "rien ne va plus"-it is a classic variant with a green zero.

European Roulette: The rules of the game and the numbers in the turntable correspond to French Roulette, but the field names are German or English (depending on the provider). American Roulette: The rules here are the same as French Roulette. However, in addition to the green zero, there is another double zero. Not to be confused with the "American Roulette" provided by the casino. At the bar table, in the name of American roulette, there is only a quick variant of European roulette. More information about the difference between American Roulette and French Roulette.

Multiple roulette: Players can play on different tables at the same time-so tensions have been kept at a high level. In addition, famous online casinos (such as Casino Club) also provide some special variants, such as Racetrack Roulette or Roulette Supreme. However, these are usually special cases. The roulette games mentioned above can be found in all online roulette casinos with licenses.

Live online casinos with "real" kettles and license

Live casinos with real roulette are very popular, because the feeling of sitting in a real casino is more real here. The boiler's video images are streamed in real time to the user's PC or smartphone, so all players can experience the sudden increase in credit in real time. As always, the same is true of live online roulette: only with the right quality is it really fun to play. The specially recommended providers are provided in the table below. Both Goldenstarcasino and Evolutionstar depend on Evolution's software, which we believe is the best on the market. Here you will find our live roulette online casino products

Choose instant or download casino for online roulette?

When gambling on the Internet, a basic decision is whether you are downloading a game or playing in an instant online casino. As the name suggests, before downloading a casino, it is necessary to download online casino software before playing. In the early days of online casinos some time ago, only download casinos. At the same time, the painting has changed a lot. At present, downloading almost no longer plays a role, and due to technological developments, instant casinos have played an important role. There is no need to download here, but the online casino software is loaded directly into the browser, and you can play as a user immediately. Of course, there must be a stable internet connection. These instant casinos have now occupied almost the entire market. The download casino almost no longer works, but you can still find some recommended offers. It is worth mentioning the Casino Club and Eurogrand.

Registration in the online casino

You must register before you can sit down at a virtual roulette table to make money. The current law requires this. After all, the identity of the athlete must be clearly stated. It takes some effort to register for the first time in a casino, but it should still not be a problem. Entering personal data is necessary for registration, such as your own address. Such data must be filled in truthfully. They will check its correctness before the first payment at the latest. Other identity checks may also be required during the registration process. For example, you can send the activation code to a specified mobile phone number. During the registration process, as a player, you usually have to decide whether to accept the bonus. But does this make sense for roulette players in online casinos?

Casino bonus online roulette players have no decision criteria

Every famous online casino will provide new players with small or large welcome bonuses, usually with an additional bonus for the first deposit. However, the bonus is of course not complete without rules: before the bonus can be withdrawn, the bonus amount (or deposit plus bonus amount) must be made a sufficient number of bets.

The problem is that the bet on the slot machine will increase to 100% of the target achievement. For online roulette, bets are either only partially counted or not counted at all. This means that if you take advantage of the bonus and mainly play online roulette, in most cases you will not be able to unlock the bonus-the payment distance is very long. Therefore, the basic advice for online roulette players from Germany is to communicate extensively around reward offers. However, some online casinos also offer attractive bonuses for the roulette industry. These include CasinoSlots Venus Casino.

What does the roulette strategy bring?

On the Internet, you can usually read some information about roulette strategies, which should increase your chances of winning. Therefore, take tactics. First, it can be said that roulette is of course also a game of chance. In pure mathematical terms, the bank, the casino, will always win. This is guaranteed by the so-called house edge, which is smaller in roulette than many other games in online casinos, but still exists. Therefore, there is an urgent need to avoid certain strategies that guarantee that you can "make money" by playing roulette. Such a proposal is definitely not serious. Nevertheless, for some players, it has been interesting to watch the results of the roulette game so far. These are also called permanent.

By looking at persistence, you can determine the profit you can earn and whether your strategy can succeed. In the casino, you can gain insight into the permanence of the website. In terms of online casinos, casino clubs are currently releasing their own roulette games. Within the last 30 days, CasinoSlots will publish permanent copyrights directly on its own website. As a player, you can collect the results of past roulette games for a long time. This allows the roulette strategy to be applied to sequences that have already been played in the roulette round. In this way, you can determine whether your own method will be successful. In addition, durability can be used to check whether the results meet statistical expectations.

Play roulette without registration

Even without registration, you can play roulette at online casinos. Then of course there can be no real money games because you have to register. Finally, the player's identity needs to be verified. Games without money are possible without registering in an online casino. Roulette games from different manufacturers can also be tested with peace of mind. For example, Netent and Playtech software can be tested for free without registration. Software testing is synonymous with roulette with roulette. Since the deposit cannot be made without registration, the game is free. Of course, this also means that there can be no real bonuses. To get the first impression of online roulette, this gameplay is perfect. The following table contains links to various software providers for French roulette, where you can try various roulette games for free.

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