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Opdateret: 7. juli 2020

Slot machine roulette is vital in any casino, and these roulette are indeed extraordinary! Like all other games we provide, our slot machines are also developed and produced by Microgaming. In fact, they are the most recognized games in the catalog and have won many awards. They are perfect for Argentine players seeking intense emotions, and we believe you will love them.

Video slots

In physical casinos, video slot machines are machines that display animation rather than real rotating drums. They usually have a more refined theme than slots around a central thought cylinder, graphics and special functions. The more times you play, the more the content of the story will be discovered, and the player will feel more. Technically, all online slot machines are video slot machines, but in the world of online casinos, it is called "video slot machine" for those who have more sophisticated and superb games. At CasinoSlots, you will find a variety of themes, from successful film franchises to classical mythology and more.

Extra spins for maximum victory

If you want to take more action, you can use Megaspin and progressive jackpot games to increase your potential income to a higher level. Microgaming's Megaspin game contains up to 4 sets of drums on the same screen, so you can multiply the chance of winning by 4. Maintaining this state requires your full attention, and you will love the adrenaline provided by these games. Progressive jackpot slots work like classic slots or video slots, and add progressive jackpots that can be activated at any time. The net amount accumulates with every bet placed on the network, which means it is much larger than any single game. If the cylindrical symbols are aligned in some way, the jackpots can be activated, or they can be completely random. You must pass some supplementary games to get the bonus, otherwise you will get the bonus automatically. Even so, once you win, your life will change forever!

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