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There are many poker rooms on the Internet where players can play poker online. But the poker room is not the same as the poker room. There are huge differences in game selection, security, software, payment methods, customer support, and many other aspects. A poker school is often opened, where customers can learn poker. To make our readers easier, we have carefully studied online poker providers and track their progress on CasinoSlots. To this end, we have developed a separate test category, in which we have conducted serious research on online poker providers. In the ranking based on this, the best poker room can be selected at a glance. Of course, we also checked the bonus offers accordingly. Here, we not only limit the number of bonuses, but also specify the conditions that players must meet in order to pay dividends.

Compare the best poker providers -Online poker providers must have a valid license

-Poker offers including tournaments are also important

-We check the terms of the bonus

-Some players can practice poker in the poker mode

-There should also be a poker school where you can learn to play poker

Online poker provider-this is how we test it Because there are many providers that can play poker online, it is not easy to choose the best online poker provider. Finally, new poker operators are constantly being added. For an overview, we will test on different poker sites. Looking at the game product portfolio, you can find that some providers belong to large companies and are listed on the stock exchange. Similarly, there are some very small poker venues. The important criteria are, for example, high-quality poker software that is easy to use. The game combination must match the players, and there should also be various rewards and loyalty programs. Another aspect that should definitely be considered is the level of the player, because in some poker rooms most beginners move among them, while in other poker rooms only professionals move. There should be a balanced level here.

We rated online poker providers according to the following criteria:

1. Poker offer Poker is all over the world. There are different variants here, and not all poker sites are always available. The classic versions that should definitely be included include: -Texas Hold'em Poker - Omaha -5 Card Stud -7 Card Stud There are also exotic versions not found elsewhere, such as Horse, Razz or Badugi. There are different versions of each game, and the betting methods are different. For example, Omaha can also be used as a no-limit poker. This means that the entire chip can be placed at any time. However, in the case of Omaha Limit or Omaha Pot Limit, this is regulated.

If you register with a poker provider, you should only register with a poker operator that also offers your favorite poker variant. Especially in the smaller poker rooms, the aforementioned exotic variations are lacking, and Texas Hold'em or Omaha can almost always be found in the portfolio.

1.1 tournaments In addition to the cash table, it is also important to provide matches. A distinction must be made between the organizer’s own competition and the large competitions held around the world. The difference from the tournament to the cash table is that players' losses cannot exceed the registration fee. Nevertheless, he still has a chance to win huge profits. There are sit-down games and games with guaranteed prize pools. A good poker room offers many MTT and SnG tournament options. Large poker events or free tournament qualification tournaments (free participation in online tournaments) are also available. Some poker rooms also offer opportunities to participate in spectacular poker tournaments around the world, such as the European Poker Tour or regional tournaments, such as the Brazilian Poker Series (BSOP).

2. Bonus Before deciding on our online poker provider CasinoSlots, players should also check the bonus plan and membership plan. Because some poker operators return part of the commission to players, and reward loyal customers by paying back the commission paid. If you play regularly, you can make a lot of money. The dividend pays off, especially for professional players.

However, if you only play a little, then you will benefit greatly from this reimbursement. For him, the bonus is also worth it. It is important to ensure that the bonus conditions are fair, customer friendly and not too high. After all, if the player cannot control the turnover and expire the bonus, then the most beautiful bonus is not much use.

2.1 VIP programs In addition to the above promotional activities, especially loyal customers will also be rewarded by VIP programs and loyalty programs. By playing or depositing, you can collect points with many advantages. These points can be converted into real currency or bonuses. The point account also determines the status level.

The higher the level, the higher the reward. These in turn can be bonuses, free lessons, such as "how to play poker" or birthday gifts. Special poker tournaments are also often waved. In addition, the exchange rate of each higher-level currency to real currency is faster.

3. Traffic and level The larger the Playamo in the poker room, the more famous, and the more opponents there are, the greater the chance of finding players with your own preferred levels and tables. In cash games, it is not so important, because there are usually many poker tables available. The player's level is very important, because if you are a beginner, you want to be able to fight against the beginner. Professional players often use beginner ignorance to easily and quickly defeat them. However, having a large number of players in the poker room does not necessarily mean that there are many relaxed opponents at the same time. Usually, there are always advanced players. The level of the game depends largely on the poker room where the player is located. Since online poker providers also offer online casinos or sports betting, there are likely to be many beginners. In large poker rooms, sometimes more than 10,000 players enter the game room at the same time, while in smaller poker rooms there are only a few thousand players.

4. Limits The restriction should allow both beginners and advanced players to find a suitable table. The larger the poker provider, the more likely a table with the required restrictions is available. If you are mainly in the low bet area, the maximum buy-in is 100 euros, and you want to use cash games in Texas Hold'em, there will be enough tables and opponents at almost every provider.

5. Usability of the website Players who register on the new poker platform do not want to have any problems with the operation and can immediately feel at home here. This means that the software is only good if it provides a lot of functionality but still maintains clarity.

Because it is easy to navigate, it can be achieved through a good structure. Most poker sites use intuitive and easy-to-use software. This means you can quickly find the game you want, for example, you can pay with just a few clicks.

Some poker rooms also provide tutorials, such as "How to play poker", which not only explains how poker games work, but also explains how the provider uses the software alone. It is also important to install the software to play poker online without downloading the software.

6. App Not all poker operators provide applications. There are also differences in applications. Because there are native applications, there are also network applications. The latter does not require downloading software. Instead, the offer can be used by all common smartphones or tablets.

To do this, players simply call the poker page in the browser of their mobile device to start the game immediately. Through such applications, the most important account management functions have also been integrated, for example, you can also pay or use live chat.

7. Payments

The recommended provider can ensure that its customers pay not only safely but quickly. It turns out that certain payment methods are specifically recommended by poker providers, including:

VISA MasterCard Skrill Neteller PayPal GiroPay Immediately Paysafecard

Deposits and withdrawals should be free. Most payment methods usually give players an immediate transfer amount. In terms of payment, due to technical reasons, some payment methods are no longer available, such as direct booking systems or debit cards.

In addition, each withdrawal request has to be reviewed by employees before the payment is released. It is expected that there will be corresponding processing time, usually around two working days. During the exam, employees check that the information provided during the registration process is correct. In addition, an age check has been conducted to avoid underage players staying with the poker operators.

8. Support In all tests of CasinoSlots, customer support is a very important subject. First, let's see what contact channels are provided. For example, here, real-time chat is particularly recommended, so modern providers should not be without chat. Because contacting us is free, and some questions should be clarified, players can easily ask again and explain the process in detail. Although almost every poker room provides email contact, the toll-free hotline looks very different. Another option is to contact us through social media or a free call-back service.

We also look at the employees in the test. We not only check their politeness to answer our questions and how long they need to answer, but also their ability. Because the employees in the support team must be regularly trained so that they can answer customer questions satisfactorily. This support ends with a FAQ section, which should provide detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions in this poker room. In this way, customers can help themselves quickly and non-bureaucraticly.

9. Safety and seriousness The theme of safety and seriousness is of course one of the most important. Because only when the poker room is safe, we recommend registration and registration. A safe and reputable poker room is characterized by the existence of a valid gaming license. Most poker rooms, including license numbers, are posted transparently on the website. By clicking on the licensor, you can usually also check whether the approval is valid.

The European Union's permit has proved particularly successful. This ensures that the poker room complies with European law. Of course, the topic of data security cannot be ignored. It is important here that unauthorized persons cannot access sensitive customer data, such as bank data or credit card data. Most poker rooms use SSL encryption. This has been proven in online banking.

10. Additional offers

Many poker rooms also offer other benefits, such as online casinos. If you want, you can also play poker here, and then play poker on the machine or in the live casino of the live casino. This means that the gaming table will be streamed to the home monitor via video. Sports betting is not uncommon.

This brings a change to poker fans and can make up for the loss of sports betting. There are usually many choices of betting options, so you can not only bet on King Football, but also many other sports.

How does poker work? If you want to play poker online, you must first find an online poker provider and be familiar with the rules of the game. Poker is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. This means that even beginners can quickly internalize the rules. There are different versions of poker, and their rules are slightly different, such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, Razz, Badugi, etc. There are also various competitions. This brief overview shows the uses of faceted poker and many changes. The classic form of poker is the so-called cash game. These chips have a real currency consideration and must be purchased. Most gaming tables have a minimum amount, the so-called minimum purchase amount. The maximum amount is often given.

A special feature of poker is that you can leave the table at any time. Especially in online poker, there are many different variants of the version. Most poker rooms allow you to play directly in your browser without having to download any software. Usually you can also choose to play virtual game currency in game currency mode. There are also many different versions of the tournament, each with special strategies and rules. If you want to be familiar with the rules of poker and want to know how poker works, you should first choose a poker room with your own free poker school.

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