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Of course, each of us has heard of this game since we were young, and in some cases, this is the first time we have used playing cards. Depending on where we are located, we can find other names, for example, also known as "Blackjack" in Spain, "Blackjack" and "Pontoon" in the United Kingdom. Therefore, the game must fully understand its rules in order to make sensible bets in the casino and know when to apply appropriate strategies. Therefore, in CasinoSlots, we have prepared an exhaustive guide that contains all the information you need to become familiar with this incredible game.

A game that has been passed down from generation to generation, but I don’t know where it came from

It's like this: Until today, the origin of a symbolic game in casinos is inconclusive. However, the first written reference we know dates back to 1601-1602 and can be found in the works of Miguel de Cervantes, Rinconete and Cortadillo, two of whom play the game "Blackjack" in Seville , Its purpose is to get close to twenty-one, but there is no end. From this it can be inferred that it was played in Spain and France in the early 17th century.

At the end of the 19th century, it reached North America, and in the 20th century, it was installed in American casinos. However, it did not spread rapidly until the bonus began to increase. The attractions include ten-to-one payments to the players of Spades Ace and Black Jack. Since then, this hand has been called "Blackjack" and became the version of the casino as we know it today.


It is important to understand the vocabulary of blackjack, otherwise you will be completely lost. The following is a short Spanish/English list that describes the different decisions players can make throughout the game:

Requirement Hit: Players request cards when they think they can improve their condition and do not risk more than 21 years of age. Stand up: When the player thinks his card is good enough, he can decide to keep the card issued to him, or may put his value at risk.

Divide Split: The important decision a player can make is to convert the originally issued card into two separate bets. When two equal cards are obtained and it is recommended to apply it to some cards, this is an applicable strategy.

Folding and doubling bets: Players announce that they double their initial bets and get another card. In this case, you will no longer receive the letter.

Abandonment of surrender: The player withdraws and retains 50% of his initial bet. However, this is a favorable decision for the casino, so it is recommended to continue until the dealer passes.

Hard Hand: Refers to hands that do not have an ace. If there are, they will be awarded points.

Soft hand: refers to the hand with A or above. Contrary to the previous one, Ace can get 1 or 11 points.

Of course it can be insured: if the card found by the dealer is AS, then the player can allocate part of the bet to insurance in case the dealer gets blackjack. Only available on certain casino tables.

What does counting of votes mean?

In the blackjack table of the traditional casino CasinoSlots, four to eight card games are usually played, and there may be players counting cards. Therefore, if the dealer distributes dozens of bets, there may be a situation commonly referred to as "hot" and the player has the right to increase the bet. Otherwise, it will happen when dozens of chips appear. This is called a "cold" situation, and players can lower their bets.

However, in this case, the casino will usually not approve, because this is the player's distrust of the casino, which damages the reputation of the venue and reduces the casino's advantage in the game. In many cases, when casinos discover such behavior, they tend to abandon these objects kindly. At the same time, in online casinos, card counting is not possible for obvious reasons: there is no physical card, and the software you are facing is randomly assigned. Even so, if it is a live game from a real-time casino, it is not allowed.

Therefore, the number of cards is an anecdote of the legendary game, because in any case you cannot do so.

Do you need advice to win blackjack?

Over time, people have made many guesses about how to get the best results in Blackjack, which means that many strategies have been developed: some strategies have been very successful, and some have not been so successful.

Although these strategies are actually a guide to help you avoid betting on regrets, the most famous are the suggestions made by Michael Shacklefold and most of the websites dedicated to the game.

There are many casinos that offer blackjack games for free, so we recommend that you do some first practice before deciding to bet. Remember, in the long run, experience will be your best weapon.

Next, the team listed a series of generalities to consider when playing the game:

Avoid overly simple strategies-sometimes you will hear "the dealer's hidden card value is 10" or "there is no need to issue a card when it is possible to pass", all of which will lead to increased profits in this house. Before playing, I met the casino pay for blackjack. Using insurance may be a double-edged sword-we know this seems like a good choice, but remember that players always have a great chance of losing. When the vice host's card is A, a separate bet is required. In this case, requiring "insurance" is not a good option. If you find that your hand cannot be separated, consider it a hard hand.

Does the casino offer Black Jack bonuses? Take these away! -Many casinos offer popular bonuses. In the long run, these bonuses can bring you good returns, such as doubling the amount of your first deposit investment. Consider the online casino that FanaticoJuego chooses for you, because one of the priorities our team considers is to provide you with the best proceeds in each casino game. Follow the plan provided specifically for the Black Jack Online website

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