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Opdateret: 24. juni 2020

Do you enjoy playing online poker and do you want to access your poker platform outside of Belgium? Then you've come to the right place, we'll explain step by step how you can proceed and what legal regulations are currently in force.

Many countries have not yet addressed the issue of online poker, others are trying to regulate the market, for example France, and others are trying to completely ban the industry. For a better overview, at the end of the article you will find a detailed list of the availability of major Belgian poker sites around the world.

If you have not yet registered on any poker platform or would like to try something new, we recommend PokerStars. Here players have several options to choose from from many different tournaments. To get easy access to the best bonuses in different countries, just click here: CasinoSlots

Legal situation in Belgium

In Belgium, online poker is still a legal gray area and a matter of interpretation. Although there is currently gambling law in the state of Schleswig-Holstein under which suppliers are licensed, there is no specific legal basis in the remaining 15 countries and online poker is considered illegal gambling.

However, there are ways to work around this. For example, advertises software in Germany that doesn't allow you to play for real money. However, it is believed that after some time many players will switch to, where it is possible to play for money. 3 facts about online poker in Germany: -is allowed in the state of Schleswig-Holstein (provided the supplier has a license)

- Virtual money is legal

-Computer location is located abroad / Schleswig-Holstein (where gambling is allowed)

Legal situation abroad

With the advent of the Internet, millions of people around the world are suddenly connected. In this way, players from 5 different continents can act simultaneously at the poker table. Despite many advantages, some difficulties arose. All players are in different legal zones, coordination is not really easy. In summary, the online poker market in one country is:



legal and taxable

legal, taxable and regulated


In some countries (such as the United States or China), online gambling is completely prohibited. Law enforcement is another issue, because in some cases the poker platform can still be used.

Not regulated Most countries have not yet dealt with online gambling issues in depth, so Belgium and Australia or Brazil have so far been unregulated poker markets.

Legal and taxable The country with the most bets and gambling is the United Kingdom. Because online gambling, especially poker, has a lot of money to make money, the British legalized their market and decided to tax the industry.

Legalized, taxable and regulated The situation in Italy, France, Belgium, Denmark and Estonia is more complicated. These countries have decided to further regulate the market. Players in these countries are isolated from the outside world, and only have the chance to legally play each other. So, for example, it is not possible to play with a account in Italy, but only with your own domain name, which is only available to players in that country.

Advantages: why to play abroad?

What are the benefits of playing online poker from abroad? The reasons are as follows: -Benefit from local bonuses and special offers

-You can participate in several competitions

-Larger selection of exclusive games

-Different poker players

Register correctly on Belgium website

The registration process for most German poker sites is the same:

1- Register

2- Provide personal information, such as account number and ID card

3- Make the first deposit

4- Receive activation code via email to confirm account

Live poker tournaments abroad

If you are interested in visiting the LIVE Poker tournament outside of Belgium, you should definitely consider the following events:

-World Poker Championship

-World Poker Tour -European Poker Tour

-European Poker World Championship

-Latin American Poker Tour -AUD

Here you can play together or watch other professional performances. More information about the official TDA Poker Tournament rules can also be found on CasinoSlots.

Use a different IP address

By changing the IP address, you can easily access the online poker room from various locations. Therefore, you can play games on Belgian foreign sites, and vice versa, you can visit Belgian websites abroad.

Poker websites approved in Belgium

The most widely licensed providers are from Malta/Gibraltar, Belgium, because the legal situation there is much easier. Access is very easy, you are just in a legal gray area in Belgium. Schleswig-Holstein is once again exempted from this, and gambling on licensed websites is regulated by law. Here you will find all information about the game and a list of all approved providers that have been approved. Broadly speaking, Belgium has two types of poker rooms: poker networks and independent providers.

Poker networks

Some poker sites share software developed by third parties. Under these conditions, various providers using the same software will be connected to the Internet, and can provide more players.

Therefore, it is possible for Belgian CasinoSlots poker players to compete with other players from abroad in the iPoker network. Of course, you don’t need to open accounts at all providers, but it’s interesting to see how the following poker rooms are grouped together, especially if you plan to perform multiple operations at the same time:

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