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Opdateret: 26. juni 2020

Online poker in 2020 Now in 2020, online poker continues to gain new followers. The enthusiasm is high not only in Germany but also in the world. In this article, we want to provide you with some information about online poker and games.

For online poker and the best poker site of 2020, CasinoSlots is a particularly suitable place for German-speaking players. Whether you find it occasionally on a virtual table or are more professional, you will find the best poker of 2020 here with us All information on the website and various exclusive promotions, tournaments and of course the highest online poker rebates. Finding the right online poker provider is sometimes not easy, because the range of choices is incredible. We have conducted mutual testing of all providers and checked various aspects such as software, game products, reward programs, rebates, payment methods, customer service and seriousness, caution and security. Therefore, we can ensure that no matter which poker room you choose in the end, you can make the right choice.

What should a good online poker website offer? -Of course, first of all, there should be enough players online, and if possible, there can be different variants and restrictions. You want to have a wide range of options to compete with players from all over the world without having to wait forever for the form to start.

-Only professional players can make their poker career a reality.

-You want to be a comfortable player at the poker site and enjoy the highest level of security for the best gaming experience. Therefore, we only work with the largest and best providers, they all have valid game licenses and have been on the market for many years. -A good bonus plan, some interesting promotions and excellent rebate transactions are of course not bad, and will bring some additional motivation.

The top 4 online poker sites in 2020 We work with several poker sites, but now we list four best providers, which are the best choices for 2020. You will have the best online poker experience there and you will definitely be satisfied. Our internal tips are obviously in the direction of Goldenstarpoker's CasinoSlots and Playamopoker. Some of them may know nothing about the network and the two vendors and may be surprised because the site is only available in English. Don't be confused, they are all very famous providers, and CasinoSlots is currently ranked third in the global online poker market (the trend continues to rise). With the most advanced software, excellent promotional/return offers, and many bad players (fish) from Asia and other parts of the world, this is the ideal choice. You won't regret it. Of course, InterpopPoker and CasinoSlots are also good choices. No matter which provider you choose, YourPokerDream will provide you with many popular offers and many exclusive offers.

Game history and development The first online poker table started in 1998. It took five years for people to know how fun it is to play poker online. Therefore, you can sit comfortably on the sofa at home and play against different players from all over the world.

The real prosperity began when Chris Moneymaker won the championship with an incredible $2.5 million at the 2003 WSOP, and only won $39 in the entry-level competition. When he won a place in the main event of the 2003 World Series of Poker, Moneymaker served as an accountant. The news that an ordinary person playing online poker all over the world won more than $2 million overnight spread quickly throughout the world. Since that day, people have opened their eyes to online poker. Playing games online is almost the same as in the real world. Every player is real. Still should, there is money. The only difference is that players cannot see and see each other's eyes. There are many types of poker, but the most famous is obviously Texas Hold'em, followed by Omaha Pot Limit (PLO). However, over the years, new variants have repeatedly appeared, such as short deck poker, which has now become an integral part of every online provider.

Online poker continues to grow and is now firmly established in our society. Even if it is blocked or suppressed by certain countries, it raises a question: is online poker legal or illegal?

Online poker is a game for everyone around the world The excitement of playing against players from all over the world in the comfort of your home attracts thousands of people to a virtual table every day. Just a few cents, or whether you want to play for really thick coal, everything is possible. Today, service providers are more than enough. In CasinoSlots, you can find the best online poker providers with the most players and the best promotions. Online poker is a game for young and old people with no age restrictions. And this is the beautiful thing that connects people of all ages and all over the world. At the virtual online poker table, everyone is equal.

By the way, the German-speaking area is the second largest online poker market after the United States, and many people don’t even know

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Poker

We have created a detailed online poker FAQ section for you, where we answer the most frequently asked questions.

What types of poker are there? You will find the normal cash games Texas Hold'em tables, and of course the pot limit Omaha (PLO). For some time, there has also been an Asian version of the short-hand poker game, which uses a smaller deck of cards to play and provides many actions. Of course, the game should not be missed, you will find a variety of interesting games every day, such as Sit & Go

Is it possible to play online poker on mobile devices

It is very clear. In today's world, every online poker site absolutely needs a mobile version/app. Each provider provides iOs and Android versions for your phone or tablet. So you can play and have fun anywhere

Can I always use € as currency? Yes, you can always use the account currency, of course you can also make payments and payments. However, many poker sites use USD as the currency in the table, but don't worry, once you sit in the table or leave the table again, all conversions will be automatically performed at the current exchange rate. So you don’t need to do anything, everything is calculated automatically

What payment methods can I use? Visa and Mastercard are usually available in all poker rooms. In addition, the famous e-wallet providers Neteller, Skrill and EcoPayz. Depending on the provider, you can also choose to make a bank transfer or instant transfer. With our partner GGPoker can even use Bitcoin as a payment method. Our suggestion: use one of the e-wallet providers. There is no easier and faster way than depositing or withdrawing money in the online poker room, there are other advantages, and your housing bank will not be aware of your transactions and bonuses/losses. If you are not familiar with the theme of e-wallets, please read our articles about them. Neteller, Skrill and EcoPayz are actually identical to PayPal, but only for gambling.

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