Quantum Roulette by Playtech

Opdateret: 8. juli 2020

Quantum Roulette for real-time gaming

One of the leading gaming companies using the latest technology is about to release its latest real-time roulette version on CasinoSlots. We are referring to Playtech, which will launch quantum roulette. The game provides participants with a new entertainment, visual and sound experience. Live roulette combines the fun of interacting with dealers and other players, but makes you feel comfortable at home or at work. This can be attributed to technological advancements that allow interaction and betting in a safe environment.

New features in real-time roulette

Although in general, roulette is one of the fewest variants since its creation, Quantum Roulette still offers some. The general rule is the roulette rule with a single zero, but there are active multipliers in every game. The new roulette has five multipliers, ranging from increasing 50 to multiplying the gain by 500. In addition, in order to increase the player's mood, there is a special game that multiplies the number of wins, called Quantum Boost. Will attract many players craving new emotions.

Live games

What Playtech seeks is to provide players with a new entertainment experience, which also includes their design of the gaming environment. Quantum roulette is not the only innovation in recent months, but they have also dabbled in other live games. Which player has the opportunity to play roulette according to traditional rules, but can choose to win the bet by multiplying by 500, and will not be excited? This is the experience they seek to provide on Playtech, and live roulette is one of the games created by this company.

Other innovations in live gaming

Playtech has not only innovated in the way of live roulette games, but has also released other versions in baccarat, poker and other forms of roulette games. CasinoSlots we never think their innovative and exciting game is over. Supported by all the experience gained in the gaming industry, the company has also ventured into the financial business sector. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange, and because of its positive and successful experience in invention, this is not another bet.

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