Real money roulette - which casinos are suitable?

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If you are passionate about traditional kettle games, you will find it in many online casinos in Germany. But if you want to play real money roulette online, how do you identify the best provider? Leading providers not only convince you with the multiple roulette game variants they offer. Welcome bonuses and mobile apps also provide many benefits. We introduce you to the most popular versions of classic table games. In addition, you can find all information about payment rates and table limits from us.

-The best real money roulette game

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In our tests of top online casinos that use real money to play roulette, the focus is also on safety and seriousness. Therefore, we only recommend providers that have valid gaming licenses from regulators operating under EU law on our website . However, this also includes data protection, fairness when playing and player protection. Therefore, if you play real money with real money, then you can be sure that you are in a good position in the best roulette casino.

The best real money roulette casinos

If you are passionate about traditional kettle games and definitely want to play real money games online, then various online casinos are waiting for you. When deciding on a provider, of course games should be considered first. The welcome bonus you can use in your favorite games is also important. First, providers should provide safe and adequate data protection. Of course, we only recommend operators who prove their reliability during long-term testing. These are our best real money online roulette casinos:

How is security guaranteed when playing for real money?

Of course, most players are very worried about security-because when it comes to your own money, you don't want to take risks. Can I deposit and withdraw money safely? Is the game really fair? Even: Am I at risk of indulging in games? There are multiple levels of security for real money online roulette games.

1-Legal protection: Casinos with gambling licenses meet all legal requirements.

IT security: Encryption and data protection guidelines protect your personal and bank data. 2- Prevention of gambling addiction: Well-known providers will recognize gambling addiction and provide help in test cases. The reliability and fairness of real money roulette online games are usually confirmed by a gaming license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, the Malta Gaming Authority or the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, and an independent auditor checks the game results and publishes the monthly spending percentage. Cooperation with well-known security companies such as McAfee, Norton, Thawte or TRUSTe can ensure technical security. With strong encryption, all deposits and withdrawals are securely protected, and multiple payment methods can be used for payment. Player protection also affects the field of gambling addiction prevention. Here, the casino cooperates with well-known organizations (for example, Gamblers Anonymous or GamCare) to take appropriate measures to protect players and young people.

The most popular real money roulette games in Germany

In the best roulette casinos, you can usually choose between several variations of table games. One of the most popular games you can play with real money includes European or American roulette. Differences from traditional rules provide multiple rounds of games, and even pinball roulette. In the live area, you will find many different game variants, usually higher bets and bonuses can be played. The most important thing is that the atmosphere of the scene opposite the real vice host and opponent creates a unique charm. Here are the most popular roulette variants that you can play with real money:

The real money classics - European and American Roulette

There is not much to say about these two games. The rules of the game are well known. If you can choose between these two games, then you should always choose European Roulette because the chance of winning is greater. If you like to bet zero on roulette, then you might like American Roulette, except that it is no different from the European game version.These two games can usually be found in online casinos with other names, such as Pro, Premium, Multiplayer or similar names. In principle, there are only different ways to bet. Either there are only other gaming table restrictions, or there are kettle games or neighbor's betting options. The following real money roulette games will be more interesting, you can find more games in CasinoSlots

Live Roulette

Live roulette is not really a new game variant, but it is a brand new online game. Here, you no longer play ordinary online games, but see real dealers at the real game table, they throw the ball into the kettle as in a real casino, and then can broadcast the entire action in real time through HD streaming . At the same time, this latest trend is prevalent in almost all casinos. For me, the best live roulette casino is obviously CasinoSlots, because there are 10 multilingual live tables in total, and you can even bet 40,000 Euros. In addition, 888 also offers Lucky 8 promotions, in which you will win a prize of 8 euros with the No. 8 roulette. However, this may be the only disadvantage of live games, live roulette can only be played with real money. These games cannot be used in money game mode, but can be watched for free.

Multi wheel roulette

In the "multi-wheel roulette", several "kettles" start with "turns", depending on the casino, which can hold up to 6 or 8. The number of kettles can be set separately before each rotation. Therefore, if you only want to play with 4 kettles, you can temporarily disable any of them. You can resume using these boilers at any time with just a mouse click. However, you should know that real money roulette is multiplied by the number of active kettles. So if you bet 1 Euro in CasinoSlots in red and all six kettles are active, you need to pay 6 Euros. If the kettle is red, you will win one euro as usual, but since several kettles may be red, usually one extra euro. On the one hand, multiple kettles also increase the stakes, but the variance of winning is greatly reduced, which will be interesting for system players.

Pinball Roulette

The main difference in this game variant is how the roulette number is determined. Instead of the boiler, this happens in the pinball machine. Sounds crazy, but it is a fact. However, you cannot intervene in the pinball machine yourself. In addition, there are even games that win bonuses, which may risk winning in another pinball machine. You can lose your profits again, but you can also increase your profits tenfold! If you have reached the first multiplier in this bonus game, you can choose another risky game or carry a bonus with you. This game variant is rarely found in online casinos. If you want to try this fun game, you should check out Playamo. There are also free, free demo games on the site, no registration required.

Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette is the younger brother of adult roulette. In this game variant, there are only numbers between 0 and 12. Therefore, not only does the application field look different, but the chances of winning and spending are different from the classic game variant. Here, I especially like to bet on the personal numbers in the "Golden Casino" ,Because here you have more chances to win bonuses than 36 numbers, even if the expenses are reduced accordingly. The game has its charm, but you should not forget that the house edge of the casino is much larger than other real money online games. The double zero in American roulette increased the house advantage from 2.7% to 5.2%, while mini-roulette was 7.7%. Therefore, for real money players who are trying to make money with the best games and very little housing profit, I really cannot recommend this variant.

Demo versions - play roulette without money

Roulette game enthusiasts know that there are many well-known strategies in the kettle game. These strategies do not guarantee that you can make money through online roulette, but they can significantly improve your chances of winning. The most famous strategies include Paroli, Fibonacci Martingale and d'Alembert. The free demo version is a way to try your favorite table game variants and the correct roulette strategy. You can play the game online without paying or registering, but you can fully understand the game. With real money slot machines and real money blackjack, you can try most games for free as a demo. However, you should consider that real money games bring a special strain to casino games, that is, the demo version is missing. If you are looking for a demo version of the game, you can find them in our top real money roulette casino.

The online roulette games with the best RTP values

Many of you are interested in the RTP value of the game. Finally, these payout percentages can indicate your expected chances of winning in the game. Traditionally, these are very high for online casino roulette, over 97% in good internet casinos. The following applies to you: the higher the payment rate, the lower the edge of the casino’s house. However, please note that the RTP value is a statistical value collected over a long period of time. We provide you with real money roulette with the best RTP value:

Online roulette bonus for real money play

In addition to the scope of the game, generous bonus offers may be a decisive factor in whether you trust the provider. In Germany, you will receive a welcome package for your first deposit from most leading casino providers. The welcome bonus includes an activation credit, which is calculated based on the amount of your first deposit. For some providers, in addition to bonus points, free spins are also part of the welcome package. When playing with kettles, you can also count on roulette rewards. You should still read the bonus terms. Your credit CasinoSlots can almost always be converted with real money. However, even when playing games in the best roulette real money casinos, sales only account for a certain percentage. In the table below, you will find our top real money casinos with the best roulette bonuses:

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