Reform of gaming laws in Belgium

Opdateret: 24. juni 2020

The Belgian government pulls the rope! As of June 1, 2019, the rules of neighboring countries are different from before. The government was forced to ban various forms of casino advertisements on TV. Since then, the display of sports betting, such as in football matches, has also been strictly prohibited. In the past, advertisements from different sports betting providers were often seen on TV during live football matches. Now the situation has suddenly changed. In other ways, they still allow online casinos without any restrictions, check here for the best casino online CasinoSlots In addition, popular online casinos are prohibited from publicly advertising their bonuses, and it is also prohibited to return players with some kind of cash. The Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC) has also set a limit for the loss of each player, which is 500 euros per week, but it can be reduced immediately. As of June 1, 2019, all advertisements or advertisements should contain the French letter "Jouez avercmodération", which means that you should play moderately. This message must occupy at least 4% of the area.

Public slot machines are becoming fewer

So far, people have found many public places in Belgium, such as bars, cafes or lounge areas. There is never any limit, such as the number of slot machines or the distance from one slot machine to the next slot machine.

In the future, the situation in Belgium will also change. Currently, only 2 gaming machines are allowed in the visitor premises. These gaming machines must meet the latest security functions and technical requirements. For example, they must be equipped with a card reader for ID cards.

For example, if the host wants to set up a slot machine in the future, it will now require the approval of the Belgian Gaming Commission. In the future, car owners must also pay taxes on the state's gambling income. Obtaining the mentioned permission is not easy, so the location must be kept away from schools or other institutions with many children and young people.

Stricter rules also for bookmakers

The dealer has also started a more difficult period. Dealers must now control their players more closely.

The government has considered a ban on live gaming, but fortunately, it has not been welcomed by players and dealers.

However, the Gaming Commission will pay close attention to live betting in the future. For example, if the game is not on TV, live betting is not in the room, so players who can bet on such live events cannot watch the game The important point here is the EPIS program, which allows you to block yourself from gambling. Lawmakers hope to prevent players who once rejected themselves from participating in sports betting again.

Another very popular discussion is about the minimum age of players. The discussion here is about raising the minimum age from 18 to 21, but so far, no consensus has been reached.

What is still allowed?

After many changes in the field of gambling in Belgium, you will automatically ask yourself, what is allowed? In addition, players from Belgium can access online casinos around the world. However, the new rules enveloped people's enthusiasm for gambling. Therefore, Belgians have no choice but to get used to stricter regulations.

However, for online casinos, the real good news is that there is no prohibition on sponsoring sports teams in jerseys or stadiums.

Therefore, large-scale gaming providers can continue to provide sponsored lettering for their popular football clubs in Belgium. Therefore, the gaming provider XY has not completely disappeared from the Internet, TV or newspapers.

Conclusion on the legal situation in Belgium

Happily, the Belgian state or gambling authority seems interested in gambling in a short time.

Of course, orderly gambling is correct. However, to prohibit online casinos from cashing back (repaying lost money) and setting automatic loss limits for players, we think this is a good thing.

We can expect to see whether the legal situation is eased again. But before CasinoSlots temporarily enjoy legal rights

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