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Dice along with roulette, casino games. The history of both games traces our long history, when dice were used to determine the views of the gods and the fate of mortals, and the dice are made of bones from animals or even humans, so the dice can be rolled to the sacredness of the way forward fantasy. A similar thing happened at the roulette, the difference was that many soldiers used shields instead of dice to make decisions, and it was their turn to decide the next battle or the future of the battle.

But these tools are not only used for these purposes, but there is literary evidence that soldiers and civilians use them for entertainment and betting whether in peace or war, their history is far from what people think Roulette is considered by many to be the first casino game, and its appearance can be traced back to the Middle Ages. Once introduced into the game, there was the first attempt to create a system that defeated it, which was interesting, but there was no truly effective way to give them a statistical advantage over CasinoSlots. It seems unbelievable, but some systems in the past are still in use today, not only to provide entertainment, but also to help you develop a useful game plan for the punter, to help you know what action should be taken if you are loyal to your next step .

But what is the most famous old game system used and still useful today? In this article, we will review some old systems, as well as some new systems, all of which provide exciting, fun, and exciting ways to play roulette.

Among CasinoSlots players, patience should be stimulated to make him accustomed not to lose his concentration, which may lead to numbness in his mind and then make him make hasty decisions without having to carefully consider or leave the previous plan. game. If you always focus on the game plan or system, the chance of winning will not only bring you benefits, but also know what to do and play the game based on guessing only, which will make you more interesting.

Martingale strategy.

For those who have played in the casino several times, even if they do not know the term Martingale, they may encounter the Martingale gaming system. You might even think that you invented it. This seems to be the first concept for most gamblers and is expressed in the following sentence: "I will win sooner or later, right?" In fact, the previous sentence is correct and completely incorrect for casino games using Martingal .

First of all, what is Mar? This is very simple, it can be summed up as follows: If the player loses a decision and hopes "I will win sooner or later, right?", then the player doubles the bet. Then, if the player loses the $10 bet, then he bets $20. By winning a $20 bet, you have recovered your initial $10 loss.

But don't be too comfortable. If his $20 bet is lost, the player will double that amount to $40. If you lose, it should rise to $80. If you lose, it now rises to $160. If he loses again, he will increase $320. If he loses again, he will go to $640. If you lose again, you may be taken to $1280, but the casino has a policy that limits the maximum amount that can be wagered. Then $1280 may be too much and will not be allowed.

Wait! This means that the poor performance of losing six, seven or eight consecutive times may sink the player. exactly!

Remember, the fish looks like an iceberg that sank the Titanic. Losing 6 to 8 hands in a row seems to be an adventurous bet, but in fact, beginners or experienced roulette players will experience multiple red or black stripes that appear many times, even or odd, high or low The phenomenon. The casino limits the number of people one can bet on so that those relatively short stripes can sink Mar players.

When the player reaches the upper reaches of the fish, what goal do they want to achieve? The above amount is rarely used, and even if you bet $640 or $1280, you can only win $10. Only the winner of $10 can place a lot of bets. In each step of the traditional Mar game, the reward is $10, which is very risky and has little reward. In the non-traditional Martingale, the situation is even worse. If you should allow the use of mar, please follow the original.

The ting betting technique can be summarized as a system for fighting losses without winning. This is a strategy that consists in increasing the bets because the previous bets have been lost. It is true that in many cases, players will win $10, but inevitably, a devastating losing streak will occur. The phrase "I will win sooner or later" should be changed to "They will win me sooner or later."

If the complete Mar system comes into play, losses are inevitable and $10 will be found along the way. Are they enough to solve the loss? The answer is no.

ting shoot and run simple

Ting should only use even and odd bets on roulette, And black or red, low or high. These play methods give bettors 18 chances to win, that is, 20 losses in the United States in zero doubles, 18 odds to win in European roulette and only zero odds in European roulette 19 odds. Obviously, if you can play European Roulette, you should only choose it if the betting range matches your budget. If your first bet is one of $10 or the recommended amount, if you lose that bet, you will raise $20. Then, you will not make two spins until you wait for two rounds before betting. In the next round, your bet will increase to $40. If you lose, you will give up betting again as you started. Currently, you will lose $70 in this order. The goal of this roulette strategy is to avoid the destructive losses that Mar tumors eventually cause. You are out of control many times in two spins, there is a chance of winning spins, do you bet? But there won't be more times. Remember, casinos have an advantage in betting with money. This fact should always be positive and core in your mind. Even so-called "no money" bets, don't think you are playing evenly. If you lose $70, you can choose to start again, or you can choose another wheel to start again or take a break. Remember, this is always your own decision. If your budget for this meeting is $500, there is now $430 available space on CasinoSlots

Simple Paroli System

The Paroli gaming system is another system that many new casino players believe they have created. This betting system is active, it attempts to win money in games that the player has recently won or just won. Participants of the Paroli system have discovered that victory follows victory, sometimes it is, sometimes it is not.

This system is just a system used by many players, it increases your bet every time you win, and continuously increases your bet amount according to the increased winnings. Before reducing your bet amount to the original amount, you must usually consider three decisions. Then, I will bet $10 first, then win another $20, and then win another $40. Then save the winning bet and replay the original $10 for the new series.

Unfortunately, some people want to win long-distance travel by doubling their previous income. An excellent movie "He Is a Gambler" shows the achievements of players who do this.

My suggestion for the Paroli system is to use a method called three wins, and start it after you have used up the session funds. Therefore, winning the first round does not mean that the bet must be increased in the second round. Instead, the second bet is the same as the first, but it is still $10. If the bet is a winner, it means that the player's money, for example $500, will be higher than the minimum bet. With this new victory, the next bet, the third inning, will determine that the player has completed this level of Paroli. Now, if he loses, the person will return to the original $10.

The employer next increased his session budget to $520 in these two initial bonuses. It may now lose the third bet of $20, but the player will still match his $500 while returning to his initial bet of $10 and try Paroli to win by himself.

A loss of $40 means that the player will return to the initial game of $10, which is a relatively safe system, as long as the player does not try to magically realize the truly extended Paroli, he can find a good game method. It must be remembered again that the Paroli system in roulette should bet with money.

The best roulette system

To choose one of the two roulette gambling systems, Martingale or Paroli, it is important to understand that over time, the total amount wagered will bring benefits to the house, you must realize that only the shape will follow Time to change the profit and loss model of the system used. In American roulette, you cannot escape 5.26% risk, while in European roulette, you cannot escape 2.70% risk.

However, it is best to use the Paroli game system method, because it will not suffer from pain and sweat during the game as it has suffered for a long time in the fish. Think about what you can do to make the game more than $600 in revenue and know that this is your last double.

There is no fun in doing this, but it will sweat a lot. With Paroli, the loss can be quickly terminated once it has arrived. If you realize that you have lost a certain amount, you can leave. Similarly, for Mar "Ting Run", the pain is not so serious, but it is still best to "Run" with Paroli.

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