Roulette Strategy Are you sure you have a winning roulette strategy?

It needs to be emphasized that there is no 100% winning roulette strategy! Many websites even try to mislead you by proposing the following system as a sure strategy. No matter which roulette tactic, system or technique you try to use, a well-functioning roulette wheel is impossible in the long run. If your goal is to use the online roulette system to make money, you will be very disappointed because this company always wins!

Martingale (double or red and black roulette strategy)

Essentially very simple and easy to use:

-Requires equal odds to bet (red, black, odd, etc.)

-If you lose your bet, continue to double (if you start with 1 Euro) 2, 4, 8, etc. until you win.

If we win 4 euros, then we bet with 1 + 2 + 4 = 7 and win 8, the profit will always be 1. The idea behind the system is that sooner or later we will be lucky and will not lose. This is only true if you play roulette with unlimited capital and the casino does not limit the size of the bet.

Are you willing to double it? Up to 128? Here, you have bet a total of 255 euros and have won 1 euro. The chance of someone losing (19/37)^8 eight consecutive times is 0.0048 or 0.48%. This is about every 200 times. With luck, you can survive hundreds of spins, but in the long run, the system will always fail. Most roulette tables also have an upper limit, usually one hundred times the minimum bet.

Unlimited capital and unlimited betting, these two conditions must be met to win for a long time. That is impossible

Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

Close to Martingale tactics, but don't double, but choose the bet based on Fibonacci numbers (1, 2, 3, 5, 8...). Since the increase in equity is not as radical as the strategy, the risk is less. Players bet one number each time they lose, and bet two numbers each time they win. The risks and potential benefits are smaller, and the system can handle more spins, but in the long run, it will fail.

Roulette winning strategy

Many players are researching the Internet in search of successful roulette strategies, but websites that promise such systems will eventually become scams. Websites with online roulette strategies that guarantee players safety will always sell something or collect commissions from the casino for recruits.

Therefore, only the player will behave badly. When he notices that a particular strategy is not working, he is already playing for money. Websites that promote the strategy will receive commissions and the casino will make profits.

However, there is no winner system in roulette, because based on mathematical odds, the casino always wins. Even with the best solution, the benefits of the smallest house still exist, so in the long run, the money always stays in the casino. The game is invented using the advantages of built-in houses. This is true for both European roulette and American roulette.

Martingale and D'Alembert's strategy

In this section, we briefly introduce the most popular "winning roulette strategies", no matter how they say they do not work. The essence of

Martingale strategy is to bet only with 1:1 odds (red or black, even or odd) and start the game with the lowest amount. If we lose, we will double the bet in the next round and then again until we win. Then we get back all the losses so far, plus one unit of profit, which is our profit. After winning, we return to the base bet and always double it after losing the bet.

The essence of this strategy is that no matter how much money we lose, we will end up with one unit after the first winning bet, and many small bets have played a big role. On the downside, doubling will quickly run out of money, and it is very likely that we will not be able to win the first bet. In addition, because of 0 or double 0, we don't have a 50-50% chance, not to mention that some casinos have betting limits, so we can't double to infinity.

In the D'Alembert strategy, the player must choose a basic bet and start the game. If you lose, you must place the base bet on the current bet before placing the bet. If you lose again, the bet is raised again by a basic amount. However, if you win, the current bet amount is reduced to the first bet amount; if you win again, the same operation is performed, but it will never be lower than the original bet.

According to this strategy, the player wins the same bet and loses the bet, but because the bet is different, he will make a profit in the long run. On the contrary, since it is zero, the odds of 1:1 winning are not 50-50%, and the maximum bet can quickly stop doubling.

Security policy, system

There is no 100% strategy, system! Most casino games are based only on luck, although in games like blackjack or video poker, the knowledge of the player also plays a role. Using the best strategy for these issues will increase the player's chances of winning, but in any case, the casino will win in the long run.

The difference is that if all players play with the best strategy, the casino's profit will be small, but even so, you can count on a certain profit. However, since most players only play games by intuition or by chance, casinos can also get more revenue from it.

As mentioned above, the following strategies also do not work: La Boucher, e, anti-Martin, Oscar Grindel, Paroli, constant betting, all-in strategy or money management. It is not difficult to guess that if any of these works, the owner of the site will not brag, but will use the tuti method to plunder the casino around the clock. Since the rules of mathematics have no long-term winning strategy, there is no alternative to predatory gamblers.

Many casino players are looking for the best roulette strategy to finally find a panacea to defeat the casino. Various sites promise winning systems that will win in roulette, but it turns out that they are all scams.

It should now be noted that all casino games have been invented, so in the long run, only casinos can win. Players must accept that this is an industry, they can play, they can play, but in the end they will definitely lose.

When the susceptible player realized that the roulette strategy of advertising as a winner was still a scam, he had already lost a lot of money and promised that the system's website once again made a good commission on the casino.

So, in addition to researching the best roulette skills, all you have to do is to handle the roulette in your place, which is nothing more than the pleasure of making money. Although some people accept this and are willing to sacrifice for their hobbies, there is nothing wrong. Problems arise when someone loses all their money to a strategy they consider to be a winner.

More and more Hungarian websites adopt a definite roulette strategy, using fraudulent websites to drive unsuspecting gamblers to make money. These provide a reliable way to ensure the success of online casinos, so you can create a decent standard of living while entertaining at home.

Unfortunately, this strategy does not exist, because roulette was invented hundreds of years ago and certainly includes the benefits of houses. Even the best roulette strategy can only minimize house income, but even then, your chances of winning bets are futile, because the casino will definitely win the game. Players who randomly play games or use the wrong system are the main income of the casino.

How do these scams work?

Most roulette strategy scam sites claim to have found a winning system. In most cases, it is recommended to use the red and black roulette strategy (or officially known as Martingale). In the long run, they think they can use this strategy to win our prizes in small steps.

The essence of the red and black roulette strategy is to choose 1:1 odds to bet in the entire game, such as red or black, or even or odd betting. We must always bet with the base bet, and if the bet is not won, the current bet must be doubled. This must continue until the bet is placed, because it will offset our losses so far and we can even profit from it.

For example, if the base bet is $1, you will bet $2 after losing the bet, then 4, then 8, and so on. bet. In this case, if the 6th bet is the winner, we will lose 31 dollars in the first step, and then win 32 dollars, so our profit is 1 dollar, we will return to 1 dollar in the game Basic bet. According to the system, our final bonus will consist of this $1 bonus.

These sites do not tell you that in some cases, there will be no winning streak for a long time, so continuing to double may run out of money. Then, if there is nothing, we will continue in vain.

Another problem that makes it inoperative is that online casinos have betting restrictions. Therefore, if the casino does not allow it and the plan is no longer effective, doubling our next bet is futile.

Why have casino sites recommended these? They either ask for money to reveal the secrets of "100% roulette tactics" or similar systems, or they claim that the strategy only works in the casinos they recommend. Players can click on these to become players sent by the website. The site receives commissions from players’ losses, so it doesn’t matter if the robbed gambler wins, it’s fighting for his own money.

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