Some tips for getting started in poker

"Texas poker can be learned in 5 minutes, but it takes a lifetime to master." (Doyle Brunson). At the same time, here are some tips for getting started with the Internet correctly.

Our 5 tips for getting started with online poker:

1/ Choose your online poker room

Even if it seems obvious, you must choose the right online poker room: it must compulsorily stimulate your happiness, but it must also be ergonomic for you, allowing you to choose your language, preferences, etc. . Tip: Before you decide to choose a room, please don't hesitate to try a few rooms in free mode.

2 / Choose your table / opponent

Again, this advice may seem obvious to some people, but you should avoid sitting with opponents who play better than you. Of course, if your performance is worse than others, then you will usually be the biggest loser at the table. For example, strictly from the point of view of profitability, if you are the tenth player in the world, it doesn't make sense to compete with the top 9 players, right?

3/Avoid excessive restrictions

Likewise, when starting an online poker game, be sure to pay attention to your own funds and use your limits wisely. Please note that players with high limits will definitely be better than players with low limits. And, according to the previous advice, beginners should mainly look for mediocre players...

4/ Use internet tools

Playing games on the Internet has many advantages, and with the help of computer tools, you can collect a lot of information about your opponent. For example, sites such as allow real-time statistics. The poker room also provides many useful tools, such as each player’s notebook to record your impressions, provide your personal statistics or the fact that you can re-visualize your actions for better analysis.

5 / Accept the game speed

In online poker, strokes will soon follow each other. If you have worked hard before, you may find the pace is different. Tip: First practice in demo mode until you feel comfortable and the tone is sufficient for real-time playback.

5 tips for being an online poker player:

1/ play quietly

Like all beginners, you are afraid of losing. This is to free yourself from fear and prevent you from playing under the best conditions. Indeed, fear fuels a cold game, far from playing poker well. Tip: Never exceed your financial capabilities.

2/ Follow specific rules

Online poker should not violate your privacy. It must be played in a quiet and tranquil environment. To keep it fun, try to follow some basic rules: set time periods, dates, and financial limits that you should not exceed. Similarly, poker should be played in a quiet environment conducive to concentration. In the end, of course, you have to work hard to win: today many people just struggle to pass the time and therefore become a potential target... so don't be a target!

3/Learn to play

If you are really interested in online poker and want to play regularly, please take the time to read the game: read books, go online and watch videos to learn... new tactics again and again.

4/ Have fun

You should have fun playing poker. In addition to making money or not, you must also have a hobby of competition.

5 / Avoid drinking and playing

This suggestion may make you smile, but although drinking can help you relax, it will also make players distracted and relaxed, keen on the risks of Lure.

5 tips about the game itself:

1/Focus on the value of hands

The beginner's instinct will be completely banished: even if he can make you win the blow, he will make you lose more. Only the relative value of hands is important. Then, you must pay attention to facts and clues to answer the following question: "What hands does my opponent have, and what are their worth compared to my opponent?".

2/ Follow the strategy

Depending on your level, different strategies can be applied. Although the entire beginner should limit himself to playing strong hands in strong positions, it is still recommended to follow this rule throughout the game.

3/ The bluff is accurate

The art of bluffing requires practice and experience. Although it’s great to win a hand with a lower hand than your opponent, it’s best to start with only your best hand and then make a clever compromise between the bluff and the real state.

4 / Pay attention to the position

Position is an important factor in poker. The best seat is the seat where you can speak last in each round of betting. This position allows you to obtain information about your opponent's game before giving up your game.

5 / Research opponents

In addition to your hands, it is also important to consider other players' games. If you have a good hand, pay more attention to your opponent, because you may be "blind" by your game and not find better cards elsewhere...even if the straight cards are good, use four cards The same cards are also fine. At the table and there is an all-in player, you may not come out as a winner...

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