10 standards for German online casinos

Opdateret: 30. juni 2020

For our online casino test, I set ten objective test standards, which can be used to view and evaluate various aspects of gambling providers. It is very simple from the beginning of the game selection, but also consider the payment method and any fees, software platform and existing mobile applications, the availability of customer service, payment rate details and bonuses and promotional activities. The best online casinos pay special attention to safety, because a valid gambling license is not part of the rating, as this is a prerequisite for testing the casino. Using reward points, I also want to study some small things that are not direct tests but should not be ignored, such as international awards. The following is an overview of all test standards:

Games-Who owns the best online casino games on the web?

Only games can inject life into the casino. This is why the range of games is essential when looking for the right provider. Unlike the casino, you should have other games available. I mean not only slot machines, roulette or blackjack, but also other interesting games of chance. You will also find several variations of each game online. In the Internet world, there are almost no restrictions purely in terms of technology, and online malls do not have to worry about space requirements or personnel.

Therefore, you can find thousands of slot machines online. Large game manufacturers (such as Microgaming or NetEnt) already have hundreds of products. The best online casino CasinoSlots for roulette is not limited to European, French or American variants, but you can find many exciting and innovative games with multi-round, epoch-style roulette or card roulette. Of course, this also applies to blackjack fans who should definitely play the blackjack switch or 21 against the blackjack. This is an overview of the most important casino games:

Those who have played in the game store before know the slot machines of Novoline or Merkur. However, there are more things that can be found online, such as the best Novoline alternative: "Dead Online Casino". Here, game developers have unlimited possibilities to create exciting slot machines. If you want to try it out, please use the following free slot demo version:

Another type that is gaining popularity is jackpot slot machines. In this type of slot game, a certain percentage of each bet is large. The casino is connected to the Internet worldwide, and it does accumulate large sums of money. Mega Moolah, the most famous jackpot slot, even entered the Guinness Book of Records. The current record of the jackpot slot machine is slightly below 19 million euros.

But this is far from the only one of its kind. Game manufacturers have at least one size in their product portfolio. You can find an overview of the Million Jackpot here. In order that you can always see the winning amount of the most important representatives, I have developed a jackpot counter for you. Therefore, you can adjust the appropriate time to be worth taking action.

The best online casinos will pay attention to a balanced range of games. Here you will find quantity and quality. If you provide many slot machines, you should also provide a good choice of roulette or blackjack games. Scratch cards, Keno and video poker are also very popular in the country. There should be no shortage of dice games or bingo games in decent casinos. In my comment on the casino website, I ensure that you play safely, that the game has a good chance of winning, and provide you with a good and profitable gaming experience. In this online casino comparison, I excluded real-time casinos because this game variant was checked in a separate test category. The standards in this section are summarized as follows:

When I check all the quotes here, I always look forward to the next item in the list. There, I processed the rewards provided by the online game store when registering with new players. However, the premium online casinos are also impressive for their existing customers.

What constitutes a good casino bonus

The exclusive welcome bonus plays another important role in choosing a premium online casino because it determines which bonus or free spins to use to reward your first deposit. If you make a wise choice here, then you will have an advantage to enter the game and can help you a little. This is a broad topic, especially for players who do not have any online casino experience, they should be dealt with in detail first.

This is why I created an overview page on the theme of deposit bonuses. Here you will find a list of the current best bonus offers. Here, I also explained all the details about these offers. At this point, I just want to give you a rough overview of what I focused on when creating my online casino review, and what you should consider if you want to accept such a proposal.

-Betting requirements, ie how often must the bonus be used for a game

-Minimum deposit amount

-Until you need to receive the welcome bonus

-How long do you have to meet the sales requirements

-The weight of betting in different game categories

-The game is not included in the bonus

-The maximum bet amount when the bonus is activated

New customer bonuses, welcome packs, free spins and other promotional offers obtained from the first deposit are not gifts, and customers can pay immediately upon receipt! The bonus balance was initially separated from the normal real currency account! With these offers, you can increase the balance of the game, but for the bonus amount to be paid like ordinary real money, certain conditions must be met. However, there are also many promotions with one or another casino with free credits or free casino spins.

Bonus codes are usually not required, but in some cases you can use bonus codes to choose between different deposit bonus options. Note the possible differences in terms and conditions. In my evaluation of the offer, I paid attention to the fairness of the conditions and provided you with this information so that you can more easily decide whether to start with one of my online casino test winners and whether additional start credit is required Amount. In addition, don't forget to pay attention to other promotions and rewards provided by the provider to existing customers. Here is a summary of all important bonus test criteria:

After watching the bonus world, we want to bring up a topic where many players are not on the screen at first. I will tell you why this is a mistake. Therefore, stay curious and better understand the subtleties of gambling so that you can book the best online casino.

The best online casinos require a high payout ratio!

This is a topic that is often underestimated. Most players know that the prices of some games are more or less, but few people are familiar with them. Therefore, speculations about when the slot machine can get the best return are mixed. I now want to clarify this and explain the most important things to you. First of all, it's nice to know that the two terms spending rate, spending rate and RTP (return to player) all describe the same thing. However, this information is used in two different situations. Once there is a payment rate for each individual casino game. This is a theoretical average based on game rules. The second is the actual percentage of casino spending over time. The value is given as a percentage, indicating how many bets will be allocated to the player again. Here you can find typical payment percentages for famous and popular casino games:

Maybe you want to know how the casino or I achieve these values? Well, first of all, you can find this value in an excellent game development studio such as Microgaming or Playtech in the game description of an independent game. Strictly following the motto, trust is better, control is better, and there are various independent testing agencies that determine the RTP on behalf of national regulatory agencies and casinos. Therefore, you can be sure that these are serious test results. The good value of games that are considered fair exceeds 90%. As you can see in the table above, this area is suitable for most online casino games. When it comes to the payment rate of slot machines in casinos, online casinos are ahead of the game.

Now, I will briefly discuss the topic of variance and the difference between the payout rate and the chance of winning. This difference is usually mentioned in slot machines. Ad slots with small differences will bring frequent but marginal profits. On the other hand, a high difference means that you get very little profit, but the profit is very large. The classic main example is the jackpot slot.

If you want the most profitable games, it makes sense to find games with higher RTP. Here you will find games with a higher than average payout rate: CasinoSlots

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