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Opdateret: 30. juni 2020

The number of online casinos that can be found on the Internet is almost uncontrollable. It is difficult to find a suitable supplier to meet fair conditions, rich game selection and other high standards. Last but not least, language is also an important factor-for Germans, at least in terms of support, quotations should be provided in German.

We conducted a lot of research and finally found the best online casino for Germans. Venus Casino clearly stands out among thousands of providers. In this article, we have summarized the problem of this provider over all other providers.

A good online casino must meet certain conditions. The most important things to accomplish include the following:

-Game selection

- Safety -stand by

-Fair conditions

-Nice payment method

Last but not least, the corresponding discount should be provided in the player’s native language. The most suitable casino for German players is called. Here you can read how we got this result.

Game selection

INTERTOP CASINO provides a large number of games. We finally stopped counting more than 500 games-the choice is absolutely amazing. This ensures that even if you spend a lot of time in an online casino, you will always find exciting games. The games offered include classic games like Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. Some of these table games are also available in real time.

Last but not least, CasinoSlots also stands out with its many slot games. There are hundreds of these games available online, and the characteristics of the games vary widely. 1Xbet CASINO is unbeatable in this respect, and all games are also available in German. Therefore, the platform is very suitable for German gambling fans.


Security is an area of ​​online casinos that players should carefully study before deciding to support or oppose providers. SLOTS V CASINO is representative in this respect: on the one hand, the data is always encrypted, so there is no need to worry that credit card data or other personal data can be passed on to third parties.

Basically, Malta-owned gambling licenses are also a highly secure feature, because in island countries, only those casinos with particularly high security standards can obtain gambling licenses


If you want to play online gambling, support is one of the most important criteria for using the platform as the first choice. Especially if you are German. Because the support pages are all provided in German. In addition, there is a chat room, available 24/7 and 7 days a week. In German! Our tests have shown that the people you can reach are very friendly and can chat within minutes. They are also well-trained and able to solve any problems for us. If you don’t like chatting, you can also send a support request via email.

Fair conditions

In addition to choosing games and safety standards, conditions are another very important aspect of distinguishing excellent casinos. The conditions cover the following aspects:

On the one hand, the cost of deposits and withdrawals must be low. APLAY CASINO is equipped with a good quotation and provides a free deposit. Compared with most other casinos, it is also very cheap to withdraw funds in casinos. Usually, you will deposit funds into your account within three working days.

But the chance of winning is also crucial in online casinos. After all, if you have little chance of winning, but have a good game, good support and a high degree of security, what will it do? Yes-every player will be frustrated quickly and may even go further.

The casino has done a great job in this respect, and it is impressive with a fair algorithm, which can be checked at any time and proved to be fair. The Maltese regulatory authorities also regularly check compliance with these conditions. And the providers that operate casinos are known for their excellent work and reliability: Casino Rewards Group also has another headquarters in Canada, which has been in the market for more than 20 years and has never attracted any attention.

Good payment method

CasinoSlots is the best casino that German players can find on the Internet. Last but not least, this is related to the large number of possible payment methods you can choose to deposit. This includes not only the most important methods, such as cash deposits by bank transfer or payment by credit card. You can also use other online services such as Neteller or Skrillex to populate your account.

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