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Opdateret: 5. juli 2020

There are many online casinos in Argentina, but due to ignorance or distrust, many players would rather try abroad, without knowing the generous offer they lost in the local market: welcome bonuses, big jackpots and huge opportunities. One reason is due to deregulation in the area, which prevents its use. Another worry is that playing games in it is unsafe. Here, we propose the best and most reliable list based on many important factors to consider what will be discussed next in CasinoSlots.

The most recommended casino in Argentina

Argentines love this kind of game, whether in physical casinos or online entertainment venues, they are frequent visitors. Nowadays, tablets and smartphones are almost an extension of people, and punters in Argentina seek to play games anytime, anywhere, whether in the free time of a house, subway or office. However, for online games, Argentines have encountered some problems in recent years, especially because of the chaos caused by the contradictory economy, many websites do not accept pesos, and foreign currency deposits should be deposited or withdrawn. But the problem is now more flexible, in many casinos you can use Argentine Pesos or National Cards.

How to choose the best casino for Argentine players?

In principle, you need a website that speaks in your own language, which is why you need a Spanish, but we also know that many regional varieties and terms are used in gambling, so we prefer it to be the Rioplatense variety or Perfect translation to eliminate doubts. Other than that, what are we looking for in the casino?

Two types of virtual casinos

We are going to distinguish between two types of casinos. On the one hand, we have people who use software to imitate opportunities that are prevalent in any real casino. This is because it is used in conjunction with a random number generator (PRNG), which causes the card to be shuffled and anyone can push it out, or the number can be pushed out. It is difficult for users to determine whether their odds are completely random, but in general, casinos are audited by external regulators to ensure that this is the case (for example, eCOBRA).

Although the two methods are sometimes mixed, another type of casino is a casino that has live dealers (dealers) through camcorders. It requires more infrastructure, employees, etc. Therefore, there are usually only a few classic games available in this format: roulette, poker, blackjack.

There are two other differences

After making this distinction, we will enter another aspect related to technology. There is the Argentina online casino CasinoSlots, and punters can play games directly by entering the website, and they only need any Internet browser; and some casinos require us to download a slightly closed application, but sometimes this means better Performance: faster speed, better graphics, better sound, etc.

In this case, it depends on the user's preference. Because although the second command seems more complete, sometimes it takes time to download the software, and everything may contain viruses or complicate the operation of the device.

What else do we need to decide which are the best virtual Argentina casinos

There are other factors that can make a casino experience and trust, including:

Transparent process: The terms and conditions of the website and various promotional bonuses are clear (do they have an expiration date? Are they any game services? etc.), these terms and conditions use reliable software, and the possibility is actually random And respect the privacy of users.

The best virtual Argentina casino-enticing huge bonuses: Because there are many casinos, in terms of bonuses and prizes, we prefer the most attractive casinos. There are always popular bonuses, and you must compare them, because this is an important factor, they can also promote within a limited time and attract other tourists. As far as the casino is concerned, what is more attractive than the profit it can provide?

Deposit options: It is always better to have multiple options (such as credit card, bank deposit, online payment system, etc.). Of course, it would be better if we could pay in pesos. Of course, we have confirmed that the deposit and payment methods offered by the casino on this list are available in Argentina.

Easy access to your bonuses: Although in most casinos, it is estimated that the bonus can be withdrawn for a period of time, but for Argentine players, the most important thing is how to withdraw the payment, so we choose to have a transfer, e-wallet or Paypal.

Unique gaming experience: Argentine players like slot machines and slot machines very much, but roulette, poker, blackjack and other games are also very popular. The online version of the Argentine Casino has the favorite games of local gamblers and also ensures that it is internationally recognized.

Exclusive promotions for the country or region: Casinos usually attract attractive newcomers and even bet on peso deposits, as some will provide up to 100% of the first deposit (for example, up to $5,000) . It is normal for online casinos to strive to reward regular customers, which is why they reward or guarantee that they only exist in certain places.

High-quality customer service: Argentine players want to be able to solve problems in their language at any time, so 24-hour support in Spanish is important. In the list we suggest here, you will find customer service in your language throughout the day. Therefore, if the player decides to play cards, bet and encounter any inconvenience, then time is not a problem, because someone will always help you online.

Is the online casino in Argentina safe?

Like the whole world, there are 100% reliable casinos or casinos you should not visit. The Quinillas Lottery and the State Casino Association are institutions that control games in Argentina, but online casinos belong to specific regions, and many foreign companies have monopolized the land.

why? Because there are so many laws and regulations, such as provinces and jurisdictions, each jurisdiction should determine what can and cannot be done. In the end, as the Argentines said, "make laws and be deceived", this is not It means that they are illegal in online casinos, which means that someone will always find a place to make it legal, for example, when it is forbidden to sell alcoholic beverages at kiosks after the age of 22 and the birth of alcoholic beverages, it is illegal Is it? No. Well, it is the same in this case.

Because there is a legal vacuum in this regard, and there are different private companies to manage online casinos, those who take it seriously will try to use software that protects privacy and provides a good experience. Therefore, those who will not fail because they will Consolidate the blacklist of casinos that no one wants to enter, of course this will not be in the list we created for you, which includes the best Argentine casinos online.

It is almost also obvious that systems used for deposits to withdraw profits (such as Visa, Paypal, etc.) have extensive security systems and cannot be used with any company that cannot guarantee profits. It is completely safe to play in any casino on our list, you will not encounter payment problems or any other problems.

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