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Poker games are probably the most played card games. Some studies suggest that today there are approximately 30 million players worldwide. If you like excitement, socializing and fun, then this game is for you. Despite asking players to provide a certain skill, poker is easy to understand. In fact, its popularity is due to ease of learning and practice. Learn how to play and have fun!

Who plays free online poker?

Learning to play is very easy

Here you will find all types of players from beginners to experts, as well as amateur and weekend practitioners. They are doctors, lawyers, college students, technicians, analysts, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals. But our difference is that all players will put top priority on health and fun. Here, you can play with people from all over the world, all over Europe, South America, Africa and even Asia. This is a democratic movement that provides equal conditions for all participants (men, women, children, businessmen or workers).In a duel between 18 and 60 years old, the winner cannot be predicted based on biological characteristics. What matters is game technology!

Origin of modern poker

It all started in new orleans

The development of modern poker is closely related to the history of the United States: the earliest mention of the sport dates back to the 1830s, in New Orleans, where 20 cards and 4 players were played. A few years later, the first batch of professionals appeared, and they were frowned upon by religious groups. These practitioners evaded casino boats sailing on the Mississippi River, where they traded with rich merchants. This is how the sport left the east coast and reached the west coast. The gold rush of 1848 also promoted the spread of modern poker. Cowboys, sheriffs, adventurers and opportunists hold cards in their bags, the thrill of betting, and the desire to withdraw money from others when they crave gold. In fact, you must have seen a movie with a poker scene in Wild West, right?

A mental sport

In 2012, Brazil recognized the game

In April 2010, the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA) considered poker as an intellectual sport in Dubai. All practitioners praise the fact that they always defend the slogan that poker requires a lot of technology and skills, not just luck. Coincidentally, this announcement was made on the same day that the International Poker Federation completed its establishment one year. In February 2012, after the intense sport of the Texas Poker Association of Brazil, the Brazilian Ministry of Sports also considered poker as a sport of thought. Now, events organized by CBTH can be included in the "National Sports Calendar". In the argument that poker is included as a sport, the requirements for intelligence and behavior are particularly prominent. Now, you already know: poker is sport, sport is life!

Popularizing online poker

Television and internet have led to the growth of sport

It was not until the 1990s that poker was limited to the movie world, and even opposed by society. Only suddenly, everything changed. Since then, the sport has grown exponentially, from hundreds of athletes to millions of athletes. what happened?

The invention of hole card cameras:

In Portuguese translation, it is a miniature camera of playing cards, which are installed on the game table and allow the viewer to view all players' playing cards. They were first used in 1999. Thanks to them, the audience can know what is on the table, who is winning, who is bluffing, who is losing. For security reasons, all TV broadcasts are delayed by a few minutes to prevent any viewers from providing internal information.

Television broadcasting:

With the realization of the hole card camera, TV broadcasting has become a phenomenon. ESPN is a major sports channel in the United States. During the WSOP broadcast in 2002, the number of viewers increased dramatically. The same happened to the Travel Channel during the 2003 WPT. As more viewers, advertisers arrive, and more money is invested, more people begin to specialize. The formation of idols is indispensable for any TV product, and also guarantees the continuity and interest of the audience. Currently, it is easy to watch poker tournaments via the Internet.

The creation of online sites:

The widespread emergence of online poker sites is a three-in-one global sports boom. As the audience grows, many audiences want to start playing and practicing. As the quality of Internet connections improves (allowing high-speed global interaction), these sites are beginning to appear in every corner of the world. So, if some sites had 500 players during peak hours in the late 1990s, then some rooms now record the presence of about 100,000 players at these times. Unfortunately, irresponsibility and the use of real money have hurt many users. Due to the bankruptcy of these sites, they have lost their savings.

This is why Jogatina's online poker game is considered to be one of the best games because you don't need real money and the goal is fun! We are talking about a sport, but it is also a game: enjoy it!

100% up to 100$ for the best register

Free Chips

Win 100 chips to start playing

In addition, free replenishment up to 3 times a day allows you to enjoy unlimited fun. Therefore, you can learn poker for free and safely without stress, so you can worry and be safe. Bring your chips and play without fear.

Vary your moves

Be an indecipherable puzzle to your opponents

Tom Jobim may even like the samba of one note, but it is not available in online games. Since this is an intellectual movement based on rational and emotional behavior, please make sure your opponent is watching your every move and trying to decipher your gameplay. Change between calm and radical moments, between active and waiting. Unpredictable and confusing opponents!

Analyze the opponent


Since others will try to decrypt you, please do the same. Note, observe and carefully observe the competition of other participants on the table. Know who likes bluff, who is cautious, who is impulsive. The more information you have, the easier it is to decide what to do.

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