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Thomas Boekhoff aka Boku87

Boku87-His name is the most famous online poker player in Germany. When he found he could make a lot of money from online poker and was more interesting than going to school, he lived in Lower Saxony and dropped out of school. Thomas Boekoff is very talented in mathematics. According to his statement, when he visited the previous school, a teacher who had never taught him approached him. She said: "Are you always good at mathematics?" As we all know, good mathematics skills are essential for successful poker players. However, these alone are not enough to be a winner. Thomas Boekoff (Thomas Boekoff) another skill is outstanding, he is one of the best people in the world: the ability to do multi-table games. The video is posted on YouTube, he can play more than 50 tables at the same time.

Boku87 is a tournament player. He is good at sitting online and surfing the Internet. He also occasionally participates in live events. In the finale of the European Poker Tour (EPT) in Monte Carlo in 2008, he finished 14th with less than $100,000 in prize money. Boku87 is widely known and established a huge fan base when it launched a challenge that many people think could not be won in the spring of 2009: check out on CasinoSlots

Boku Challenge 1: Turn $ 100 into $ 10,000 in 15 days

Boku87 bets that he can turn $100 into $15 in 15 days. He is only allowed to participate in SnG competitions with a maximum purchase amount of $16. If he goes bankrupt, he will lose this challenge (that is, he cannot make subsequent purchases). As a control, he installed a webcam that could shoot him throughout the challenge and see his results on Sharkscope. The betting odds are 1:3, that is, if you bet $300 on him, you may win $100. This low interest rate shows that the community is unlikely to evaluate its projects.In total, Boku87 set a maximum compensation amount of $30,000. As we all know, Boku87 even reached its goal within 14 days. For this, he needs 7,000 SnG, which is equivalent to an average of 500 per day, which is a figure that most amateur players do not even play for a year. Overall, Boku87 achieved a return on investment of 15% within two weeks and received approximately US$40,000 in revenue: gaming revenue of 30,000 and gaming revenue of 10,000. His poker provider also provides bonus points for many poker games. Boku won the challenge and became famous worldwide, and won the PokerStars contract-certainly supported by his successful betting on CasinoSlots.

Boku Challenge 2: Turn $ 5 into $ 100,000 in a year

In mid-July 2009, Boku87 started the second challenge. He wants to turn $5 into $100,000 within a year. Contrary to the first challenge, he strictly adhered to fund management, not only participating in tournaments, but also participating in fixed limit cash games. This challenge was not over at the end of 2009, but after Boku87 quickly received five-figure funding, few people doubted that he would not be able to complete this challenge. Boku87 specifically searches on PokerStars-the world's largest poker room, with extremely safe and stable software. If you don’t know PokerStars yet, then you should check out this poker provider. You can download the software for free through this link. Using the bonus code psp13368, you can also get a bonus of $600.

Thomas Dwan aka dur

Thomas Dwan is a professional player in New Jersey and often raises bets online. In both No Limit Texas Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha, he played under the name "durrrr". Due to the high stakes, durrrr sometimes wins or loses more than one million dollars!

-Make. Similar to Boku87, durrrr dropped out of poker due to poker. The young player (born 1986) initially studied English at Boston University until he decided to become a professional poker player. There is more knowledge about durrrr than about Boku87. He started his online poker career at the age of 17 and laid the foundation of his funds with SnG of $6. Later he switched from a tournament to a cash game and gradually increased until he reached a high stakes table with a blind of $500/$1,000. Thomas Dwan also holds the record for the biggest pot in history-he won nearly $920,000 with one hand against Barry Greenstein.

Durrrr 1 Million Challenge

In January 2009, Durrrr presented a still incredible challenge: everyone (except Phil Galfond alias OMGClayAiken) was allowed to participate. The content is: We singled 50,000 hands in the unrestricted Texas Hold'em or Omaha Pot Limit Poker game. If Durrrr leads, he will continue to win prizes and receive half a million dollars from the losers. If Durrrr falls behind, he will pay his opponent $1.5 million in prize money. Therefore, the odds provided by Thomas Dwan are 1:3. Contrary to the Boku87 challenge, the progress of this challenge is very slow. In the 44th game that started in December 2009, in the match against Durrrr's first opponent, Patrik Antonius, only more than half had 44 hands. At that time, Durrrr led by $700,000. The current status of the Durrrr Challenge can be viewed here

Phil Ivey aka euregon, joe buttons or Phil Ivey

Poker player Phil Ivey was born in California in 1976 and is one of the best poker professionals in the world. He is 16 years old and already playing with money in the casino-his colleague's identity allows him to let go.

Phil Ivey plays various poker games (mainly unlimited Texas Hold'em and Omaha pot limit) both online and online at tournament and cash game tables. In cash games, "Tiger Woods" often plays online and fights for high stakes tables. He won $16 million with Texas billionaire Andrew Beal in three days. The blinds for this game are USD 50,000 / USD 100,000. He played for a group of professional poker players who played Beal in turn. Phil Ivey is actually a cash game player, but also very successful in tournament poker. He won three gold bracelets at the 2002 World Series of Poker and reached the final table at the 2009 WSOP Main Event. In February 2008, he won the WPT and received more than $1.5 million in prize money. Overall, he has won more than $10 million in prizes in poker tournaments.

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