The best online roulette casinos: play for real money safely in Germany

Roulette is probably the most famous casino game ever, and for many, the epitome of gambling. The history of the game can be traced back to 18th century France. With or without a roulette strategy, today it is played all over the world and of course it continues its triumphal march as online roulette in the internet casinos. The selection of casinos where you can play roulette online for real money is huge. We have checked the current range of online roulette sites for you and can recommend the best online roulette casinos on this basis. We paid particular attention to the reliability of the providers so that you do not become a victim of online roulette scams. Because besides the fun, safety should of course not be neglected.

On this page we will explain how to find a safe online roulette casino for real money. We also explain the basic rules of the game, which roulette variants there are and whether there is a roulette strategy that is really worth it!

When looking for a roulette casino, security is one of the most important criteria. Both your personal information and your money should be safe and secure. But there should also be a chance of good winnings and payout rates. To ensure this, the Roulette Casino should have a valid gaming license and be controlled accordingly by a recognized authority. Examples are the well-known Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or the Gibraltar Gambling Commisioner (GGC) license. The selection of software providers also allows conclusions to be drawn about the seriousness of a casino. One of the renowned and well-known game developers like Playtech, NetEnt or Microgaming should be available.

Fraud with dubious providers

Not only the erroneous setting up of roulette systems, which should convince people to register at a casino, is to be seen as fraud. There are also a number of unreliable providers who, as black sheep in the industry, are gaining more and more customers and relentlessly taking them out.

Fraud with roulette systems

There are now countless roulette systems on the World Wide Web that are advertised by various self-proclaimed experts. There are many videos in particular. In these videos, a certain online casino as is advertised, where viewers should register as best as possible in order to have the greatest chance of success. What many do not know: If the link in the video description is used for registration, the video creator actively earns money from every new customer and their deposit. In the end, he doesn't care whether the viewer actually generates a profit or directly loses all of his money. In addition, most online casinos that are advertised there are generally classified as fraudulent. A registration there is therefore usually equivalent to a loss.

Fraud with manipulated programs

For example, manipulating and reprogramming the systems and programs with which roulette can be played online is popular. In the background, the chances and probabilities of winning on the part of the player are quietly changed and manipulated. As a result, it is almost impossible to get out of the game with a win. A large part of the money is gone after ten operations at the latest.

Licenses and regulations usually protect against this type of roulette fraud. These are issued by the government in Europe. Financial regulators then take care of the provider of online roulette and themselves install systems and software that permanently check the legality and reliability of the systems. With regulated providers including a license, players can basically be sure that it is not fraud in the sense of manipulated programs, but serious online casinos.

Refusal to pay out

However, many roulette scammers do it differently. They let their customers play and only start with the payment. This is simply denied to the players without saying this publicly. Instead, new documents are always requested or documents are declared invalid due to their expiry date. This game is continued by the fraudulent roulette providers until the player loses the desire to continue to work on this topic. At, we also include customer opinions from the Internet in the rating and can therefore tell whether it is a serious provider or whether the online casino treats its customers in the manner mentioned here.

Random Number Generators (RNG)

Virtual roulette casinos and game manufacturers must use a random number generator. The so-called Random Numbers Generator (RNG) ensures that the player has a fair chance of winning. Fraudulent roulette casinos sometimes avoid using an RNG to affect the game. The valid gambling license offers protection against this. If you ever have doubts about a casino, check out the casino reviews here. Specify the theoretical payout rate for each game. This RTP value (Return to Player) indicates how much money will flow back to the players as a profit. So if a game shows an RTP value of 95%, € 100 will go back to the players from € 100. This is a value that is determined over a longer period of time and can either be found in the menu of the game or is specified under Info in the game.

How to play roulette

Roulette is a very simple but exciting game. Everyone loves it when the ball goes on a journey and the level of adrenaline rises. Whether in the land-based casino or virtually in the online roulette casino makes no difference. The goal is to guess which number the ball lands on. The player can bet on only one or more numbers. In addition, there are the so-called simple chances that you can bet on. Once the betting is complete, the croupier turns the wheel and sends the ball in the opposite direction. Where the ball ends up is decided who won or lost. Profits are paid out immediately. All lost bets go to the house.

Here are the steps on how to play roulette: 1. Place bet 2. Croupier throws the ball into the cauldron The winners are paid out and the lost bets go to the house

Roulette odds and payouts on the most popular variants

Different variants have different payout rates and odds. Therefore, you should consider in advance which game you choose. For example, there are differences between American and European roulette as described below. This is because there is an additional number in the American version, the double zero. As a result, the odds deteriorate slightly compared to French or European roulette variants. The fewer numbers placed, the higher the profit. For example, if you bet on a single number, you will receive 35 times your bet as a profit. With simple odds like red or black, you get your bet on top of it.

Try roulette for free

In the meantime, the range of different roulette online variants is large and extensive. Many roulette online casinos have picked up popular themes for the game. For example, there is a deal or no deal, Age of Gods or pinball variant. These games have helped to make the basic game more varied and to bring new momentum into it. You can test many of these games for free.

A large number of online casinos offer a so-called demo or fun version. This means that the version can be tested extensively before you get the kick out of roulette online real money casinos. As a rule, you will receive a small virtual start-up capital, with which you can get started and try out your roulette strategy. If you run out of money, simply open the game again and you have the starting amount again. Some providers require prior registration, others simply offer this service. If you go to the variant of your choice there you have the choice between a real money and demo or fun version, which can then be opened. Below is a small example. Have fun with it.

The best roulette bonus offers for German players

In addition to the excitement and fun factor, players visit an online casino because they want to win money. It is therefore not surprising that promotions and welcome offers on the first deposit are extremely popular. You will receive a bonus on your deposit and thus increase your start-up capital. Of course, the bonus money is subject to certain conditions that must be met before it can be converted into real money and paid out. You have to either wager the bonus or deposit plus bonus several times. Unfortunately, most providers do not count 100% of sales in roulette and its variations. This means that it will take you longer to meet the wagering requirements. However, it is worth checking the offers in advance. At some casinos, the turnover in roulette is counted higher and at others even completely excluded. Of course, the bonus can also be converted into other games and as a rule, slot machine sales are fully counted towards the minimum turnover that is to be fulfilled.

We looked around for you and checked current offers to show you the best bonus offers. We not only paid attention to the amount of the bonus, but also the security aspects and the number of roulette tables or variants. We have also taken a closer look at the bonus terms and so we give you a selection of current offers for which you can choose. If you only want to play roulette, it is important to you how much it contributes to the wagering requirements. If you are interested in more games, the focus should perhaps be more on the amount of the bonus or the percentage that you receive on your first deposit.

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