The bestRoulette strategy

With this system, you can make a lot of money by spinning roulette. Its return potential is huge.

The roulette strategy you can learn in the following movies is also safe, fun and exciting. You can earn about $100 per hour for it per hour.

Most people will know how to play roulette by themselves. You place a bet and then you win. It goes again and again.

Through this strategy, you will play roulette in a special way to "enhance" the functionality of the system. This roulette strategy (roulette tactics) is very special and proved mathematically.

The following video shows a roulette strategy that works as follows:

1. Start the game with the smallest bet. After each part, you will return to this bet.

2. Bet on red or black. This is not important for the operation of the roulette strategy.

3. If you win, bet on the same suit. If you lose, double your bet on the same set of bets.

4. For each win, place a bet on the suit of your choice.

Using this strategy, you can make up for your losses after each bet. This will enable you to make money quickly. When using a roulette strategy (roulette strategy), take the risk as much as possible.

In order for this roulette strategy (roulette strategy) to work, please make sure that the minimum bet of the casino you are playing is small. Among the casinos I have tested, I think CasinoSuperlines is the best place to apply roulette strategy. The business has been registered with the Gambling Authority, which is very reliable and can be paid quickly.

Online casino roulette

Casino roulette strategy (roulette tactics) is usually the way players win. If you want to make money with online roulette, it is important to understand the different winning roulette strategies and compare your bets.

Next to the board is a separate area where players can place bets. It is up to each player to decide where to place the bet, where the dealer provides information about the winning odds/amount and helps place the bet when the player has not reached the bet.

Neither side will harm the other side. It all depends on luck, including where the white marble ball falls. If all players bet on winning numbers, they can win.

Roulette is one of the most popular games in the casino because it is easy to understand. It works like this: you are given a wheel of fortune with the ball, and the player places a bet on a board with numbers 0-36. There are even different betting positions, such as black, red, even, odd and row and column.

How much you can win with these bets depends on its position and the amount covered. The fewer numbers you cover, the more you can win.

You only need to bet on one number to win the most. If you bet on a single number and that number appears, you have won thirty-five times the bet amount.

On the other hand, in most cases, do not bet on specific numbers or ranges of numbers based on your favorite numbers. Although the results are remarkable, it takes a long time to learn "street", "number pitch", "four in one" and other betting options.

This also includes coloring, which means you can get a personalized chip designed just for you. This can be a time-consuming process, which is why most people like the average chips used throughout the casino.

But, are there any roulette tactics that can be used to determine the system? The answer is yes. All you have to do is follow a simple mechanism. If we have the right knowledge, we can customize the roulette strategy.

Roulette system-and some explanations of roulette strategies

You can use two roulette strategies. You can bet internally or externally. The casino will determine the minimum and maximum bets and how many squares the player can win.

However, most casinos do not allow players to combine external and internal bets. Internal betting and external betting are completely separated.

The internal bet is a number between 0-36. You can bet on 1 number, 2 numbers or various combinations of up to 6 numbers, that is, 2 streets or 2 lines. The minimum internal bet is $5 or more, and you can place it on 1 number or assign it to multiple numbers.

External betting means that you can bet on any attribute contained in the number. These can be: the first 12 digits, the last 12 digits, the last 12 digits, even/odd, red/black.

These are easier to bet because you have a greater chance of winning. Most roulette players tend to bet outside. Even if the winning odds are 1 to 1 or 2:1 instead of 35:1, it is higher than the odds of inside betting because it involves more numbers. Roulette strategy usually focuses on external bets.

The profit from external betting is not as good as internal betting. The 2:1 multiplier is valid for columns (first 12, last 12, and last 12). If you play on the column, you can bet on the column, and if the number comes from the column, your bet doubles.

This means, for example, if you bet 5 dollars and then you win, you will win 10 dollars, so you will get 15 dollars in total. You can also choose to place bets on 2 columns, but in this case, you will only win 5 dollars, because you lose to the other column, you only win 5 dollars.

In some places it is also possible to allow both internal and external betting. Some people make internal bets by using the money they have won in external bets, hoping that the ball will stop where they are betting chips, thereby increasing their wins.

Martingale system

Ting system is a betting roulette strategy (roulette strategy), applicable to any betting system with 2 chances (winning or not).

It was originally invented for human head or writing, because there are also 2 options. After that, they started to apply it to roulette, because the system here works the same.

This roulette strategy (or "one of the roulette techniques") allows you to choose the amount to bet. You bet in the same way every time: red or black.

You bet on red first. If you bet $5 in chips, this will be your bet. If you win, the profit is $5. If you lose, raise your bet to $10. If you lose again, the bet is raised to $20.

This will continue until you finally win. The point of roulette technique is to have more balance at the end than at the beginning.

When you win, all the losses so far will be made up again. This is guaranteed by you always increasing your bets. This means that you have not lost any money. If you win after 6 losses, the $320 you won includes all previous losses ($160, $80...).

If you look at the balance last, you will find that you have won $5. You have to invest a lot of money to get a profit of $5, but in the end you will always win. Roulette strategies usually don't make much profit, but many small strategies do a lot.

You only need to apply the Martingale system on specific points, because for example, if the ball lands on red multiple times, it is likely to also fall on black soon.

This roulette strategy also includes some setbacks, everyone should be aware of before using it.

First of all, due to the roulette setting, there is no 100% chance of winning.

You can play red and black, but there is another color that most people will forget. This is green and is always the color of the number 0 (or number). The ting system was not specifically invented for roulette strategies.

The existence of green prevents the ting system from becoming an effective way to make money. For example, you can bet on red and black numbers can be placed 10 times. With the Martingale system, you can now subtract approximately $5,000.

When you want the next number to be red, a green 0 will appear, which means that your income has been minus $5000. This in itself proves that roulette strategy (roulette strategy) has defects in roulette...

Even if the system works well, there are still rules in the casino. For most roulette tables, the limit is $500, unless the player is playing at a Qualcomm table. Under the $500 limit, if you start betting $5 before reaching the table limit, you can only double your bet 6 times.

In this way, if "the bullet is not good for you" and the opposite color appears 7 times, you will not be able to recover the lost money. This roulette strategy is one of the most common strategies.


Most roulette players like roulette because there are 50%-50% choices. Now you can guess how this is possible. Can you make money without thinking?

Yes or no. But, in general, if the whole contains 0 (or 2 zeros in American Roulette), everything will disappear. 0 is neither black nor red. It is neither odd nor even.

0 will not appear too many times. But there is always a time when 0 comes out, and that is when everyone usually loses money.

For most people, this is a black and white or even odd game. If you have selected the game you want to play, it is not recommended to switch between them.

Some people combine the two, betting on black and odd, red and even. Therefore, it may be that both sides win and both lose, or one wins and the other loses.

Take advantage of winning streak

There are also some winning roulette strategies that use "winning streaks". For example, Shotshot and Paroli strategies. If you win the bet, double it and "let your luck soar."

If you win with this, start from the beginning or halve the bet and start, or start with a bet smaller than the last but larger than the beginning. If you lose, you will continue to bet with the same bet until you win again.

If you watch roulette, you may find that sometimes the same number appears twice in a row. This is why some players bet on the last number or keep their bets there (internal betting). The chances of this number appearing in the next few spins are huge.

Wheel observation

We have discussed it before. Wheel monitoring is very important. Roulette observation can be regarded as the father of roulette strategy. The dealer can release the ball in the same way, but at the same time, it will fall further than the former.

Through observation, you may notice certain places where the ball often falls. If you cover these places with a bet, you are more likely to win.

The wheels may also lose balance. The casino will constantly check the wheels, but this can happen. This will mean that the wheel is tilted to one side, so the ball rolls to the number on that side.

For clarity, we have to watch thousands of rotations, but if you have watched 20-30 rotations, you can almost see which direction the numbers come from.

Usually, there are also electronic screens in casinos that show us the last 18 winning numbers, or even more. Some people even consider the ratio of red to black, as well as the odds of even and odd, and show us the possibility of winning these bets, making it easier for us to think.

Observe the steering wheel and see what results it will bring. Only then can you apply any strategy.

Usually people play roulette for money. Anyone can make money with this, but anyone can lose money in the same way.

There is no "roulette winning strategy" that can win forever.

The best way is to compare roulette strategies and see which strategy suits you best.

If there is a roulette strategy that always works for everyone, then everyone will become a millionaire and the casino will soon go bankrupt.

The ting system is suitable for many people, but it takes a lot of time to "earn" a lot of money. In addition, due to the need to continuously increase the bet, a large amount of capital is required.

If the maximum value of the board is very small, the player can easily fail to recover the investment funds. However, if you have not recovered your funds, it means you have chosen the wrong casino or abused various roulette strategies.

There are people outside, and there are people who like inside. Some people play their favorite tracks, while others use different roulette techniques to decide which track to bet on.

No matter which method you choose, be sure to pay attention to the roulette wheel and the numbers you brought up earlier. You should also know the number of occurrences of red or black (even or odd).

It is indeed impossible to predict the number that will follow based on the situation at the time, but if you consider these numbers, you are more likely to find the correct number. It’s not uncommon for a red (or black) number to appear 17 times in a row, which may cost you a lot of money...

Internal betting is more difficult to guess, but external betting has a 50-50% chance of winning. Just like a head or pen. If we look at it, about 50 of the 100 numbers are heads and 50% are written, which helps us roulette.

If you want to make money, roulette skills can be interesting. You can also reduce internal bets, but you can keep traditional casino chips and bet on safer external bets. Before entering the game in any way, please understand the game and all betting options.

There are always many people at the roulette table, but this is not because they play, but because they are watching. They observe the rhythm of the board before entering the game and placing bets. It is recommended to follow their example and perform the same operation.

Sit down and observe the panel for a few minutes, then insert the chip. Notice how many times the zero appears. Note the proportions of red or black, even or odd.

If you observe the board for a while and start the game, you will already have some information, so you can make better decisions in the game. This is not as effective as using roulette strategies or roulette tactics, but it is definitely a better chance of winning.

Remember, this is called gambling. You can win money, but you can also lose money quickly. No "victory roulette strategy" will always work because it will still gamble. You can learn more about why only 80% of roulette players win on roulette.

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