The development of the Brazilian poker industry

Opdateret: 23. juni 2020

The past few years have been positive for poker enthusiasts. Since 2010, it is officially regarded as a sport, not a game of chance. For poker fans, this is a great moment. People have always regarded it as a game of chance. Today, it is officially classified as a mental movement, which has reached the player's visibility and credibility. New level. The growing movement of poker

Through this type of conversion sport, for example, the popularity of CasinoSlots has further increased, especially in Brazil that already has a history of this sport. In recent years, poker has gained more space not only among famous players, but also among new players, mainly due to the form of online poker. Unlike traditional poker, you can play poker online without having to be in a casino. Just connect to the Internet and connectable devices. Therefore, you can play anywhere at any time of the day without taking off from the casino. In addition, in online poker, players can flexibly practice new game strategies, train and play games at different tables and different levels without having to worry about location, time or cost. You can play with real money or practice. You can also participate in international tournaments or follow the latest tournaments from the same online poker platform. The introduction of technology in the game has brought many advantages to players and online casinos.

The sense of competition and adrenaline involved in poker is one of the things that most appeal to poker players of all places and ages. The money played, especially in professional games, is one of the things that attract new players to the poker field. They are always looking to improve their behavior to achieve high-level games. Since the game is now officially a sport, more and more people (mainly Brazilians) have joined the sport. At present, there are more than 7 billion players in Brazil alone, including well-known and well-known players, in addition to some names that have become the promise of this sport. Here are some:

João Simão This is one of the most famous names in the Brazilian poker world. In the ranking of the best poker players in the global poker index, Simão ranked first with 2,643.51 points. João has accumulated more than $11 million in prizes in tournaments and world competitions. He has been selected as the best poker player in the world, and even if he has accumulated all the winning history, the player has always consolidated his long journey to bring himself into his career. After a lot of frustration and practice, you can find your place. André Akkari Andre Akkari is also one of the well-known figures in poker today. He has won the World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet and has accumulated approximately $3 million in prizes in live and online tournaments. In addition, Akkari is also very flexible, because he is also an entrepreneur, an internet celebrity and still has a strong network of contacts, including Neymar and Ronalddo. Today, Akkari is an important ambassador for the sport and has contributed through his school, which teaches players poker strategies and rules.

Alexandre Gomes Alexandre Gomes became the first Brazilian player to win the gold bracelet at the WSOP in 2008, thus making history in the poker world. In addition to this great title, Alexandre is also the champion of online tournaments and other competitions. He has accumulated more than $1 million in prizes and is ranked among the best in the live jackpot among Brazilians These examples of poker names currently used in Brazil show that the industry is growing rapidly and attracting more and more players. This growth is largely due to technological developments, which have facilitated the development of online games. Functions that were previously only possible in a physical environment can now be done anywhere in the world through the phone itself. These huge advances have greatly helped the poker industry. The trend is that more people will be affected and enter the poker world in the future, especially the online poker world. Millennials are a generation, they are more closely connected, they are digital locals, they are already living in an online world, they are the explorers of the industry with great potential. What remains to be seen is the future of a new generation of players and the poker industry’s preparation for this universe in terms of news and technological innovation.

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