The history of roulette-how did it become the most popular casino game?

Have the opportunity to play online roulette for fun and real money. have a good time!

Roulette 77 game: free online

Are you interested in online roulette? You may have heard of one of the most popular games in casinos, roulette, but did you know that roulette can be played not only in the casino but also online? Compared with casinos, online games have many advantages. In addition to playing games in the comfort of your home without grooming and walking, you also have the opportunity to try the most popular roulette games for free without having to invest any real money. However, if you are a more experienced player, this type of roulette can also benefit you because you can improve your strategy without having to invest real money. In recent years, the online casino industry has also flourished in Hungary, as many players choose to play roulette comfortably at home in their spare time.

The benefits of playing money

You don't have to be a genius to realize that online roulette has many advantages over real casino games. Perhaps the biggest advantage is playing money, because in the online version, you can experience the game without investing real money, but there is no difference in appearance or gameplay compared to casino roulette.

Another noteworthy advantage is that the online game interface provides an ideal opportunity for beginners to become familiar with the game, because they have the opportunity to test the game and develop different money-making strategies without taking risks. There is a greater chance of success in the game.

However, online games are a good way to relax, and a good way to relax. Whether you manage to hit the winning number or have to try again, you can bet while watching the ball hit the ground. Whether you win or lose, the game will excite you, and you have the opportunity to do it without spending real money.

We hope we have successfully convinced you that it is worth downloading a roulette simulator. In addition, downloading the game is very easy.

How do I play free roulette?

Very simple: please go to the Hungarian website of our casino and choose the version of roulette you like. You can choose from several roulette versions, the main types are the US and European versions. The rules and procedures of the two are very similar, but the main difference in the United States is that it includes an additional zero field "00", which increases the house's advantage to you to a certain extent and also makes players more excited. .

We recommend that you try both ways at the same time so that you have the opportunity to choose the version that suits you best in the online roulette. Then, when you start playing with real money and prizes, you will know which version is best. Best for you.

The appearance of free games is the same as real money games. You also have a balance from which you can deduct your bets and increase your bonuses and bonuses, so you will learn to manage your balance in free games. Online games are the same as games in casinos. You can choose your favorite field, place a bet and observe the position of the ball, and then collect bonuses or make other bets in order to get better luck.

Before you fully master the game, we recommend that you continue to use the demo version, and when you feel that you should make some real bets, please switch to the game to get real money.

What is roulette?

At the roulette table, the most important thing is to know what you are doing and what you are doing. This is why you need to learn the basics of the game, because you can use these basics later to develop strategies that can significantly increase your chances of winning. The purpose of this article is to explain to you what roulette is and how the game has evolved.

Game process

At the beginning of the game, you must exchange money for chips, that is, play money. To make them unique and always know which bet belongs to which player, each player will receive a different amount of game money. The second step is to place bets on the roulette table. You will notice that each table has a minimum and maximum bet, which means that your bet size must be within these limits.

You can place bets at specified time intervals. The dealer will indicate when to bet and when to bet. You can bet on one of numbers or special bets. After placing the bet, the dealer spins the roulette. He released the ball and we had to wait to see which roulette number the ball fell on. If the ball falls on the number we bet, we will win a sum calculated according to the rules of the board game.

Where can I play roulette?

You can choose between traditional casinos and online casinos. Nowadays, more and more players choose the latter, because online casinos operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can also enjoy them in the comfort of your home. Some online games are broadcast live from studios to players, so the game is close to a real casino game in almost every way. Whether we try to play online or in a traditional casino, the structure of the roulette table will not change. The roulette rotates in the same way, and the same prizes will be given after betting. Which one you choose is up to you.

Roulette rules

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games and its popularity has not diminished over time. On the contrary, with the popularity of the Internet, roulette has become widely available and can be easily accessed from players’ homes. , While providing the same gaming experience as a casino. If you want to get acquainted with this excellent game, it is important to understand the different game types, its operations, rules, possible bets and possible wins, but at the same time you need to understand the roulette multiples, minimum and maximum payouts and winning rules. Your chance. Because of these, you can develop a strategy to help you become a successful roulette player. Below, we will introduce the different game types and gameplay in detail.

Choose the right roulette version

In the first step, you need to choose the game version that suits you, because each version has a different multiplier, and each version has a different chance of winning.

There are two main types of roulette, American and European:

-American Roulette -There are 38 fields, numbered from 1 to 36, and you can also find the "0" and "00" fields. The American version is also called "Double Zero Roulette".

-European Roulette -one less field than American roulette, because roulette is divided into 37 fields-the numbers range from 1 to 36-while the European version has only one "0" field.

The main difference between the two variants is the arrangement of the numbers and the zero field. Roulette multiplier is not different between the two games. In the overseas version, due to double zeros, the probability of a player being home is slightly lower. In the European version, the probability of a player is 5.26%, while in the US it is only 2.7%. If you want to increase your chances of winning, we recommend that you choose the European version, but if you want to increase the fun of the game, be sure to try the American version.

A lesser-known version of roulette is French. In contrast, American roulette has a lower probability of only 1.35%, but at the same time roulette multipliers (red/black, high/low, even/odd ) Is twice the value and is zero, the field will refund the money you put in red or black. You might think that in Hungary, European roulette is more common.

How to play roulette?

There are two main types of betting: external and internal. Internal betting also includes betting numbers, namely:

- Normal-including the bet numbers.

- Split-A bet between two numbers is called a split.

- Corner kick-includes a bet between four numbers, in which case the bet will be placed on the common corner of the four numbers.

- Street-covers three consecutive numbers.

- Six lines (6 numbers in 2 lines)-Three numbers in two adjacent lines.

-Trio-bet on three numbers, two of which are zero.

- Basket-depending on the game type, covering fields 1, 2, 3 and one or two zeros.

External bets include a large number of numbers:

- Low or High-includes numbers from 1 to 18, while the latter includes numbers from 19 to 36.

- Even or odd-As the name suggests, odd or even numbers are in danger.

- Column-Select the winning column, you can increase the bet three times.

- Hit-The winning hit must be selected from the first (numbers 1 to 12), the second (numbers 13 to 24) and the third (numbers 25 to 36).

In addition to external and internal bets, there are also so-called "announced bets". These can be of three types:

- Voisins du zero (neighbors near zero or large series)-the seven fields near zero belong here in both directions.

- Le Tiers Du Cylindre (small series)-These are the twelve numbers on the bottom of the steering wheel.

- Orphelins- This bet includes the missing 8 numbers.

Roulette strategy

Roulette is a random game, it doesn't mean you have to play roulette without tactics or strategy. This is because through thoughtful and well-executed strategies, you can increase your chances of winning and reduce risk factors. Most players have a well thought out roulette system that will not deviate no matter what happens on the table. Obviously, we need to try and test more systems before finding the best system for us. As beginners, obviously we want to know which is the best roulette system? There is no such thing. Everyone has their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the player's ability to take risks, the amount of risk they are willing to take, and the time they are willing to spend on the game. In any case, no matter which roulette strategy you have developed, you must keep in mind that roulette is a random game and many of them depend on luck.

Martingale strategy

The most well-known roulette system is "we strategy", where we bet in red or black. This is a progressive multiplication strategy that can be applied to red/black, even/odd and low/high field. However, players most often apply it to red/black squares. However, the downside is that in the case of a decline in the series, you must take a lot of risk to win the game.

The essence of this strategy is to double and maintain the consistency of simple betting, and have a higher chance of winning. When you bet, you must always bet twice on the same square. In this way, you will win sooner or later. In fact, this looks like this:

-Step: Place a red or black $100 bet. If you win, repeat this step. If not, please go to step 2. -Step: Place a red or black $200 bet. If you win, please go back to the first step; otherwise, please continue to the next step.

-Step: Place a red or black $400 bet. If you win, please go back to the first step, otherwise please double your bet again.

and many more...

This strategy requires patience, because if you win, you will only get $100. The problem with this is that if you have a losing streak, you may lose a lot. For example, if you bet on red and black 8 times in a row, you have invested more than $500 to win $100.

The Great Martingale Strategy

This is an improved version of the Mar strategy detailed above, whose purpose is to triple the bet rather than double it. If you have bet and lost 100 HUF, your next bet must be 300 HUF. If you lose again, it will cost 900 HUF, and so on. This strategy requires you to risk investing a lot of money and find a casino that can increase your stakes. Unfortunately, Hungarian casinos usually do not allow as many bets as Monaco, so it is always important to know the highest bet in your local casino in advance. Fibonacci strategy

The Fibonacci sequence is well known. The sum of the first two digits is the next digit, which in practice looks like this: -1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and so on . The fact that each number is the sum of the first two numbers makes it an ideal choice for many players. In fact, this looks like this:

-Step: 100 USD bet. If you win, please repeat. If not, move on.

-Step: 100 USD bet. If you win, please go back to the first step. If you lose, move on.

-Step: 200 USD bet. If you win, please go back to the first step. If you lose, increase the bet to $300.

And many more...

Although the bonus is small, it is perfect for those who don't want to invest a lot of money in the game. Finally, try all the strategies and see which one is best for you, or try to develop your own method.

How to win at roulette?

There is more than one way to play roulette, and the gameplay and strategy vary from person to person, depending on who you ask. No matter how complicated the system is developed by players, neither of these two strategies can provide a 100% guarantee of making money on online roulette. No matter what tactics or roulette technique you use, this house has advantages. However, there are some simple ways to help you avoid stupid failures and increase your chances of winning.

Take your time: watch the game first

Before you feel that you have found the roulette table you want to play, put in some spins. Analyze whether this table and these players are suitable for you. It sounds irrelevant to what you are hearing now, but trust me, whether you are making money live or roulette online, it’s always good to get along with other players at your table. Be careful and stay away from tables that look aggressive, have high stakes, or seem to be drinking too much. These are all signs that something is happening, when a player’s big bet does not come in, and no one wants to mess around at the table.

Have a special gambling fund

If this is easier for you, you can open a separate bank account in which your gambling funds can be specially stored. The goal is to determine how much you are willing to lose in the game. If you win, that's great, but if you lose, you won't lose more than you should. In other words, you will not risk spending money on basic things like food or bills. This will help you relax the game, which will help improve the quality of bets and prevent stupid moves.

Practice a lot before entering the real game

Nowadays, there are many online roulette games on the Internet. When you are a beginner, I suggest you play as much money as possible until you have practiced your strategy with real confidence and feel like you want to try your life. If you start out for money reasons, don't give up. You can return to the free game at any time until you feel that you now truly understand every step of the strategy. Then you can start making money on online roulette.

Don't pay attention to other players

Another tip is to try to ignore other players sitting at the table. Another person may raise millions of HUF for a round, but you better not deal with it. Your strategy is to be independent of other participants. You have a plan, and it is best to stick to making money. Don't let a player who just won a large sum of money be next to you, or let you lose a little bit shocking you. The big bets at the roulette table are also very stressful, so don't be surprised if you hear loud shouts. Always focus on your own game, this is your only way to get rich.

Don't trust cyber scammers

In many places on the Internet, you will find sites claiming to have various tricks, and these sites will give you a 100% chance of winning. There is no strategy to ensure bonuses. These tips will be promised to be shared with you so that of course you can also spend some money to get rich. This is just a waste of money, because later you will find that you have been a victim of a scam and they cannot share roulette tactics with you.

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