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Twenty years ago, when the first online casino emerged, the entire Internet gambling industry was unregulated. The most important question at the time was that encrypted payments were ultimately safe-but is this a game? Since no one is responsible for overseeing online gambling, fraudsters naturally spread quickly-today, the industry is still struggling with this stigma. Today, allegations of fraud are still being made quickly.

Even before the big scam started, the industry recognized the need to regulate online gambling. In the same year, the first regulatory agency (the Offshore Gaming Authority of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda) was established, which monitors and controls casino premises and issues corresponding licenses. European authorities should later assume a large part of this task. In the following timeline, you can see which are the most important stages of German online casino regulation:

Recently, the German market has maintained growth momentum. Since current gaming laws do not comply with EU regulations, EU requirements must be implemented. As the federal states have not reached a consensus, there is a gray area. This is why it is currently difficult to find PayPal casinos and providers such as Merkur and Novoline are waiting. More and more federal states no longer wish to accept this situation and have begun to introduce country-specific gambling laws. The Schleswig-Holstein model began issuing its own licenses very early. Here, I introduce you to the current situation of each federal state:

In the next section, I want to give you an overview of the current situation in Schleswig-Holstein. I think other federal states use these regulations as blueprints, and perhaps such laws will apply to you soon.

German online casino licensed by Schleswig-Holstein

So far, only the state of Schleswig-Holstein has complied with the European Union’s appeal for gambling laws that comply with EU standards, which caused uproar in the media. Other federal states have also created a lot of resistance. However, the state government at the time had decided to withdraw from the State Gaming Treaty and implement a solution that complies with EU requirements. This is definitely a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, this decision was withdrawn after the change of Kiel and the first time they wanted to return to the National Treaty. Sports betting and casino licenses already issued are valid until the end of 2018/early 2019. Then hope to reach a national agreement. Then, the conflict between the two countries broke out relentlessly without reaching an agreement. After many round trips, the Kiel State Government decided that the previously issued permits will remain unchanged until June 30, 2021. However, not all providers are still using these extension licenses. Of the 23 licenses initially issued, only 12 are still in active use. There are many reasons for this, for example, to prevent the aftermath of gambling legislation that has not yet been finalized.

The Schleswig-Holstein license means anyone who lives here or is currently only allowed to play in these online casinos CasinoSlots. But it also means that casinos with EU licenses are invalid for Schleswig-Holstein. However, Sun Gaming fans can be happy to see Merkur online casino there. Therefore, you already have some advantages, and players from other federal states are expected to have these advantages soon. Here you will find all casinos with a valid Schleswig-Holstein license:

I have provided casino testing for many providers. You can choose from hundreds of casino games from these top providers. I recommend players from other federal states to use casinos with EU licenses. In the next section, you will find which countries in the European Union have issued these currencies and what else you should consider.

The EU license also relates to German players

The European Union has brought us many benefits, even if you shake your head for Brussels bureaucrats from time to time. Since there is a common internal market and freedom to provide services, the market should not be unnecessarily restricted. Since there is currently no national gambling law that regulates online casinos and complies with EU regulations, you can play in online casinos that are licensed by the European Union.

The most famous regulators are the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the Gibraltar Gaming Commission. In the home country of gambling, the United Kingdom, the British Gambling Commission is responsible. Even though this is not legally interesting for German players, it is also a good guide for serious online casinos. The responsible agency is usually displayed in the footer at the bottom of the casino page. To make it easier for you to assign them, you have the most important logo for casino approval points here:

If you ensure a European license, you will get the best online casino security. Offshore permits such as Curaçao can also be used, but compared to Europe, the required guidelines are less stringent. Unfortunately, there are always fraudulent casinos online. Criminals can even forge permits. Therefore, in addition to the logo of the authorized institution, I always check the license number directly on the website of the regulatory agency. The fact that national institutions can also take effect can be seen in the exclusion list of the Malta Gaming Authority. The license does not always have to be fraudulent. Some of these providers did not pay license fees at all and were therefore punished. The casino simply did not renew other licenses. This is the current blacklist of online casinos:

This list is definitely not exhaustive, and should provide you with the first clue of which providers should be avoided. I will update this list regularly. If the license is withdrawn only due to lack of usage fees, and if the provider makes a payment later, I will delete it from the list. Before I further introduce personal testing standards, I want to briefly explain how German online casinos obtain licenses.

Casino licensing requirements

In order to obtain a license, a German online casino must, like other European providers, first meet certain requirements. These are very similar in various countries to ensure safe play and protect minors. Famous online casinos separate company accounts from player accounts. Moreover, many of my opinions in casino comparisons are firmly rooted in laws and regulations. This is a schematic diagram of the license issuance method:

I think that despite having a valid license, the best protection for suspicious providers is to learn to recognize whether you can trust the casino. Therefore, in the following section, you will find my test criteria, which is an online casino test from Stiftung Warentest. The standard breakdown should help you understand my test better. I will now detail my objective requirements for the "Best Online Casino" seal. have fun!

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