The origin of slot machines

The first slot machine was called Card Bell, and it was invented in California in 1898 by Charles August Fey. The mechanic is passionate about automatic casters, and he has built a model. Since 1899, his new work Liberty Bell has achieved great success. This "mechanical turntable" slot machine has 3 reels and five symbols around it: diamond, heart, spade, horseshoe and liberty bell. The maximum gain can be obtained by arranging three bells in a row. This model makes it possible to obtain thousands of different combinations, while there are only a hundred of automatic roulettes, and innovations have been made by implementing automatic payments.

In the 1920s, gambling was prohibited by bans, but these machines were subtly converted to distribute candy. This type of slot machine remained effective until the introduction of Bally's electromechanical equipment in the early 1960s.

Classic Slot Machine

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There are some classic slot machines, one line (one bet, one line) or multiple lines (one bet on multiple lines at the same time). For the latter, we are talking about 3 reels (vertical)-3 rows, 3 reels-5 rows and 5 reels-5 rows.

In the 1980s, electronic slot machines appeared: video slot machines, classic reel machines, video poker and multi-function game machines. -In France, the casino approved slot machines in 1986, and the law stipulates a minimum payout rate of 85%.

Playing slot machines

You must determine the amount of each bet, which is a variable amount within the range that can be changed throughout the game. You can decide to change the machine at any time, and you can even play on multiple machines at the same time.

Video slot

Video slots generally provide more paylines than traditional slots, and these paylines are not just horizontal or vertical. There may be 5 to 20 lines.

Multi-Spin Slot Machine

Using a multi-corner video slot machine, you can "block" the same symbol on the reels (and therefore in the vertical direction) and make the other reels of each line rotate separately.

Game rules

The player inserts money into the provided slot. The value of the coin ranges from approximately 25 Euro cents to 5 Euros You can place a bet: • Press the "Max Bet" button, that is, "Max Bet", the following maximum amount (if you win, you will touch the maximum profit...maybe the jackpot...) • Or select the "Bet" button "" means an individual bet.

Win on a slot machine

Click the "SPIN" button. -The result appears on the reel. Please note that the winning combination in the slot machine may appear on multiple lines, such as diagonals. Read the betting table carefully. Usually, sound, sound or light can clearly indicate that you have won.

How to play slot machines

Every new player must create an account to access the casino. You only need to register once. This information is strictly confidential. They are not sold or shared with third parties (companies or individuals).

To create an account, all you have to do is provide your email address. The customer number and (secure) password will be automatically generated and allow you to connect to the online casino website.

Casino bonus

The so-called bonus in the casino is the percentage of the amount you pay when you enter the casino or poker account for the first time. Usually 10% or 15%, but may be more. All casinos offer welcome bonuses, bonuses for special occasions (new year, birthday...), and also to ordinary players.

Get bonus

To take advantage of it, if it is not automatic, you must contact customer service, which will be happy to be credited to your account within a reasonable time. The bonus does not apply to all payment methods. With a credit card, there is usually no bonus, while with an online transaction site, it is usually possible.

Play in demo mode

The demo mode allows you to play with virtual currency: you use virtual currency (Euro, US dollar, British pound, Japanese yen...) to place bets and win or lose. You don't need money to play, and you don't need a bank card deposit. When playing in demo mode, by connecting to the Internet, you can chat with other players just like in real mode

Play in real mode

Real mode allows you to play for real money. You must be connected to the Internet and have payment methods for playing and withdrawing money. All games are available, as well as jackpots, secondary machines, multiplayer games, etc. Personal information is required to create and manage accounts (address, phone, etc.).

Multiplayer mode

Multiplayer mode allows multiple real players to play the same game at the same time. Multiplayer games usually have two modes. Classic mode allows you to share your game with any other players in the casino. A private table is a table where you will not be interrupted by other unsolicited players. The different algorithms used ensure the impartiality of all participants. The random number generator system uses a strong encryption level and runs completely randomly, so the games are reliable and fair.

Withdrawal and deposit

The casino offers many possibilities for transactions (deposits, withdrawals): through bank checks, fast checks, bank transfers, and also through FirePay, EcoCard, Click2Pay, Neteller, InstaDebit, Skrill, Alipay, Payoneer, Bitcoin, etc. -The withdrawal request needs to wait for a period of time before being verified or invalid. Financial transactions are handled by companies that focus on security and are well known around the world (such as RSA or Thawte).


Online casinos follow very strict rules. They are equipped with advanced technology to ensure the best security for players and the protection of their privacy. The transmitted information (name, email, deposit, etc.) is protected by a complex infrastructure managed by the technical team. In order to provide a safe environment and ensure the fairness of the game, the information transmitted between the player and the casino is encrypted. The protection system employed by the casino can detect credit card fraud.

Casino fair

The security environment and service transparency ensure the integrity of the casino. Transaction history keeps track of all transactions and ensures complete transparency. Each player can check the date, time, total bet amount, result and bonus details at any time to view the results of previous matches. Transaction history tracks deposits and withdrawals made from casino accounts. These sites are subject to the legislation of their location (Canada, Lake Kanawake, Gibraltar...). Any violation of its obligations may result in the cancellation of its license.

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