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Welcome to our website CasinoSlots Online , this is the benchmark casino for French-speaking Canadian players. We have compiled an exhaustive list of what we think is the best online casino for Canadians.

Our goal is not to teach you what you want. After all, taste is natural, and the standard of appreciation varies from person to person. no. Instead, our goal is to provide you with the most complete and up-to-date information so that you can choose a wise online casino when you need it, and make a wise choice no matter where you live. Quebec or other parts of Canada. In addition, we offer you the best welcome bonus in the industry, including free spins unique to certain online casinos, and sometimes even no deposit required!

We also ensure that all online casinos we evaluate have the following conditions:

1. Safe and licensed casinos

2. Online casino that takes Canadian money

3. Legal online casino in Canada

How to choose the ideal online casino for French speaking players?

Payment methods and online casinos

Limited payment methods have always been a major issue for Canadian players. Initially, credit cards were the only way to deposit in online casinos. However, this practice was banned by credit card companies a few years ago, resulting in new players in the market, such as Skrill and Neteller. Today, Canadian players can use multiple online payment and withdrawal methods to process online casinos, most of which have begun to accept payments through Interac®Online and Interac®Transfer.

In addition, there are some electronic wallets specifically for Canadians, such as iDebit and ecoPayz. For players who do not wish to use a bank account, Canadian players can also use other options, such as Instadebit and idebit and eCheck e-check services, and even prepaid card services, such as Paysafe, Flexepin and Neosurf. . Of course, let’s not forget to mention that in the era of cryptocurrency, some online casinos

No deposit bonus and free spins at online casino

The welcome bonus usually coincides with your adventure in the online casino. These are the best casinos that must provide new players. The bonus usually consists of the amount provided by the online casino "free", for example, it can be the exact amount, or it can be twice your deposit to extend the time spent on its website, so you can make money and more money.

However, the medal has a disadvantage. Not only will the casino give you money, but it is also looking for return on investment. This is why some of them sometimes impose so-called betting requirements and even bonus conditions. These are in the form of a multiplier that applies to the amount of bonus received and determines the amount that must be bet before the bonus can be withdrawn. Usually, this multiplier is 35 to 50 times the value of the premium paid. In other words, before withdrawing the bonus, you must have placed a total bet equal to the bonus times the amount required by the bet. For example, if you receive a $100 bonus for 50 times the betting requirement, you must bet a total of $5,000 before you can make a withdrawal.

Free spins

Admittedly, there is nothing better than getting free, and Canada’s free spins are the best way to attract new players: free spins. Some online casinos offer them the usual welcome bonus, while others reserve it for new players who register through a member site like ours. Usually, free spins also have betting requirements, but unlike deposit bonuses, these requirements are related to the amount won through these free spins. At CasinoSlotts Online Casinos, we offer a variety of bonuses, which are part of the bonuses usually offered by online casinos, and also offer readers free spins and other exclusive bonuses that do not require deposits.

Free Spins Offers Without Mandatory Deposit

Everyone likes free spins, but even better: get free spins without depositing. We know that earning real money through free spins is one of the things Canadian players love. Therefore, we have established a list of top casino bonuses in Canada without cash deposits. Certain betting requirements will also be related to the deposit-free free spins offered in Canada in 2020. These are usually higher than the usual free spins and betting requirements associated with their deposit bonuses.

Casinos with the lowest wagering requirements

We can no longer count the number of online players who have opened an account in an online casino, received a welcome bonus or even won some bonuses, and found that they should eventually register on a website with lower betting requirements, even without betting requirements! Therefore, to prevent this from happening, let us take a closer look at these famous betting requirements.

We have already introduced the topics of the above betting requirements in the "Bonus and Free Spins" section. So you know, the lower the betting requirements, the greater the chance of withdrawing bonuses. The new standard in this area is about 50 times, especially in the case of a considerable welcome bonus (equivalent to 100% of the value of the first deposit). Therefore, we take 40 times as the benchmark and believe that casinos with a betting requirement lower than 40 times are the casinos with the minimum betting requirements. There is even an online casino with no betting requirements!

Quick withdrawal casinos

Of course, it is usually easy to deposit money into your account at an online casino, but withdrawing this money may be problematic. You should be aware that there are multiple payment methods in the online gaming industry, and each payment method has a different withdrawal time. Therefore, it is very important to find a reliable online casino that provides a quick withdrawal period so that you can make money in the blink of an eye! The following is a list of online casinos with the shortest withdrawal time in the industry:

Free slots, real money and progressive jackpots

What characteristics make certain casinos better than others? Of course, this is a matter of personal preference, but you still need to know that each casino deals with different software companies or game providers, each of which has its own area of ​​expertise, offering different games or focusing on specific topics. For example, Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech are part of the first wave of software publishers and now offer a full range of casino games, but the smaller players on the market focus on one or two types of gambling. For its part, Evolution Gaming is a software publisher that provides live casinos to the largest number of online casinos, and Betsoft is a leader in 3D slot machines with its Soft3MC platform.

For each casino, we will carefully indicate all software publishers and the total number of games offered there. This way, if you already know your favorite games, you can check whether those games are provided by a specific online casino. In addition, each casino has more incredible slot machines than other casinos. However, we want to focus on a limited number of highly reputable games and provide progressive jackpots such as huge jackpots or Canadian Mega Moolah. With their fascinating outstanding graphics and sound environment, these high-end slot machines are indeed the epitome of entertainment.

To learn all about the different games and where you can play them, check out the articles you like about real money or playing slot machines online.

An overview of online casino gaming in Canada and France

Let's go through all the information you need to know about the dynamics of the online casino world in French-speaking Canada. The information provided here will serve beginners and experienced players.

Are online casinos legal in Canada?

In the past, Canada took an unfavorable attitude towards gambling. Legislation is also moving in this direction, allowing only certain forms of opportunity and money games. However, the regulations became more relaxed in the early 1970s, and the situation has changed a lot, thanks in particular to the amendments to the Criminal Law, which allow provinces to authorize and manage gambling on their territory. As a result, many physical casinos have been opened across Canada, and several provinces have established their own lotteries.

Today, provincial governments across the country have authorized the establishment of many betting stations. However, although these counters provide opportunities to place bets on various sports events, the options available to bettors are still very limited.

The current legal status of the game of chance and money:

As long as Canadian players have no physical presence in Canada, they can play games of chance in online casinos. Except for casinos authorized by the provinces, it is illegal to operate online casinos in Canada. The Canadian Criminal Code stipulates that all gambling and such games are illegal in Canada, except for activities that are specifically prohibited by the law. Canadians can participate in opportunities and money games at online casinos located in or within Kahnawake.

Is online gambling legal in France?

The answer is more complicated than in Canada, but in general, in France, online gambling is allowed under certain conditions. Unlike Canada, it is illegal to operate an online casino in France without holding an online gaming authority (ARJEL) license, even if a casino is established outside the border.

Similarly, French residents are prohibited from participating in online gaming activities with entities that do not hold ARJEL licenses. Unlike the Canadian Criminal Law, the French Criminal Law stipulates that its provisions also apply to websites that specifically target the French public. Therefore, no matter where it is established anywhere in the world, if the online casino has a French page, it accepts payment in Euros, and its domain name contains ".fr", then it must absolutely hold a non-violation crime issued by ARJEL Numerator's license code. The provisions of the code also apply to all other types of gambling sites, such as sports betting sites or online poker sites.

If you are a resident of France, participating in online gambling is not absolutely illegal. However, you must ensure that the site you play or bet on holds a license issued by ARJEL that is still valid.

Is online gambling legal in Quebec?

At present, it is legal for people over the age of 18 to participate in online games of opportunity and money in Quebec. The possibility that the Quebec team must continue to play online is currently being questioned in court. In 2016, the Quebec government passed Law No. 74, which will force Internet service providers to ban access to international online casino websites. This law was immediately challenged by activists and Internet service providers. They believe that the law sets a precedent for the government's ability to restrict Internet access. The CRTC also determined that because telecommunications and Internet service providers are within federal jurisdiction, they are not within the jurisdiction of these provinces. The Quebec High Court is currently hearing this issue and is expected to submit it to the Supreme Court of Canada. Most jurists agree that the law will be repealed for constitutional reasons. The implementation of Law No. 74 is currently suspended until the court makes a judgment. Update July 2018: As expected, the Quebec High Court declared Law No. 74 unconstitutional and that telecommunications are subject to federal jurisdiction. For this reason, Judge Pierre Nolet "had no hesitation to conclude" that the law was constitutionally invalid.

Online gambling, scams and security

How do you determine whether the online casino is reliable? If you want to learn more about online casino scams and scams, and want to learn how to protect yourself from scams, you can check out the page on this topic. However, for the most anxious of you, the following is a summary. First of all, please ensure that the casino is registered in a recognized jurisdiction such as the British Gambling Commission, Malta, Gibraltar or Curaçao and is subject to inspection by a trusted verification agency such as eCORGRA or iTech Labs.

Then, you should also be able to find authentic and reliable testimonials from well-known players and partners who promote online casinos (much like us). Why? Because in fact, if the casino is not trustworthy enough to have a membership partner, what will happen to players? Transparency notice: We may receive commissions from our affiliate links.

In addition, online casinos should be hosted on a secure SSL domain. What does it mean? Basically, SSL is a trusted certificate shared by websites, hosts, and your computer to ensure the security of all interactions. As you can see, since "https" appears at the beginning of the URL, our domain/is protected by the SSL protocol. Note that casino financial transactions should also be safe. To verify this, make sure that when a window from a third party appears on the screen, the beginning of the URL should show this "https". In fact, when certain pages are not protected by the SSL protocol, browsers such as Google Chrome will warn you. CasinoSlots Online

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