The winning poker network will withdraw from Australia!

Opdateret: 1. juli 2020

News from Australia! On August 25, without prior warning, the Wining Poker Network ceased to provide services in this maritime country. When players try to enter any kind of skin (BlackChipPoker, Americas Cardroom), they see a message about the "Interactive Gambling Amendment". The bill prohibits online poker in Australia. In the popular 2+2 forum, players also shared some emails sent by the room:

However, the news itself is not shocking: in the past few months and after StarStar left, the most popular alternative poker network began to leave the country. Winning Poker is the last large network to provide services to Australian players.

Australian regulations require that any website offering real money games in the country must be licensed, and today there is no permission for an online poker room. Even the licensing process is not very clear.

We believe that the player's money is safe. It is almost certain that WPN will pay the players, although there is no mention of how long this process will take.

What should Australian players do?

Fortunately, if you want to continue playing poker online, there are still some excellent online poker rooms in Australia that offer their services. Today, the CasinoSlots poker model has become very popular, so online poker in Australia is far from dead.

PokerMaster, PPPoker, PokerKing Asia, etc. are all part of what we provide for Australian players. No matter what discipline or level you are engaged in, certain Asian applications can meet your needs. This action is permanent in Asian applications.

If you don’t like mobile apps, you can try a room such as CasinoSlots (a room where you actually use Bitcoin as currency for games) or Goldpokerpro, which provides Israeli players with very soft movements.

You should also be familiar with the cryptocurrency market, as traditional payment processors (such as Skril or Neteller) will change their terms and conditions for Australian users at some point; ecoPayz may also be a good choice for some time.

The fact is, with the implementation of the new laws and regulations, not only the poker world in Australia and the world is changing, poker players must adapt to the new era. Worldpokerdeals provides professional advice and support to poker players. We are committed to ensuring the safety of online poker; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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