They play online poker to get rich

Do you still think you should play poker in the smoke-filled back room surrounded by the Mafia? What is the most important bluff and sunglasses to get? Is Patrick Bruel a poker genius?

Today, I decided to dedicate this article to poker. Surprisingly, I haven't mentioned this technique in my blog for the past year and a half.

Unfortunately, this is usually related to online scams (so-called revolutionary money-making methods and huge bonuses that can be waived), but a friend recently visited my residence in Madrid and "learned a lot".

I did not introduce the rules of poker and winning techniques, but decided to have an interview with my poker fan friend Mathieu. As you will see in the interview, I must have reviewed some of his overly technical words.

If you are curious about poker, want to know more, and most importantly want to know how to win in the long run, then please read this interview! She brought many ways to win and abolished existing poker ideas. Oh, after the interview, I will introduce your views and comments on poker! So please read the final article.

Article plan

-Interview with amateur poker player Mathieu

-Can you introduce yourself?

-How did you get into the poker world?

-What kind of poker do you play? Can you remember the rules quickly (starting hand, pre-flop and in hand)?

-Would you recommend poker to beginners as a way to make money?

-People sometimes associate online poker with easy money, especially for some reason? Do you think this is true?

-You said you make money from the back of a beginner?

-Do you prefer to broadcast live or play online?

-I thought it was very nervous, the players did not talk to each other. But is this a good atmosphere?

-Did the bluff really win?

-Do you recommend a specific online poker site?

-What about poker site bonuses? does it exist? Do they attract novices like sports betting? -What are the ingredients of a good poker player?

-Books to suggest us?

-What are your skills to win in the short or medium term?

-How to control your emotions without giving in to tilt?

-How do you manage funds?

-How much do you earn? How many hours do you want to play a week or a month? Learn ?

-Do you have to pay taxes for this?

-Want to make a living playing online poker? Poker?

-Have you tried other money-making ideas?

-My opinion on poker


-How about you?

Interview with amateur poker player Mathieu

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi everyone, my name is Mathieu, I am a freelance geography professional and have been playing poker as an amateur for 9 years. Even after so many years, this is indeed an exciting and challenging game.

How did you get into the poker world?

In 2005/2006, poker became popular in France, thanks in part to Patrick Bruel’s World Poker Tour show on the canal. Everyone is playing with friends, and the chip box ends up under the Christmas tree. One of my roommates signed us to an online poker site to play free tournaments (the site offers free tournaments with real money rewards). A year later, I made the first and only deposit: 4 euros, and it all started from there.

What kind of poker do you play? Can you remember the rules quickly (starting hand, pre-flop and in hand)?

Well, my predecessor strip poker, more importantly, I mainly play no-limit Texas Hold'em. This is the most popular format today, and closed poker is no longer needed! Each player has two private cards, and before seeing the first three cards at the table (shared by all players), a betting round, called "flop", betting round, the fourth card, " Round", a round of betting, the fifth and final card, the "river card".

2200 Euro cash game... Mathieu did a good job

The goal is to achieve the best combination with the screen and its two cards or one of them, and only see the five cards on the board. You can also win the pot by making other players lengthen at the auction, whether it is pre-flop, flop, turn or river.

Would you recommend poker to beginners as a way to make money?

Ah, the shark I became (shark) will answer yes, I invite him to play games at my table, because in the medium/long term, the beginner will definitely fail: his overall strategy will not be the best. But in the short term he may win because luck is still online.

Poker is not even a zero-sum game, because online poker sites and casinos charge commissions in every pot or tournament event. Therefore, there are more losers than winners in poker.

However, it is possible to obtain a stable income for a long time. Many of my friends have become professional, mostly live or online cash games (unlike competitions, the store has not increased). For this, you must work hard.

People sometimes associate online poker with easy money, especially for a reason? Do you think this is true?

There is a saying in the poker industry that it is the most difficult to win

There is no doubt that the poker boom started after Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 World Championship Main Event (WSOP). The amateur spent $39 to qualify on an online poker site and won his first live tournament for $2.5 million, which triggered a tsunami. Everyone plays the game online, and even under great restrictions (large auctions), the skill level of the players is poor compared to today.

Year after year, with the publication of strategy books, online coaching websites, and specialized forums, the overall level of athletes has improved. These days, even with small restrictions, you must work hard to become a winning player. But this is basically feasible for motivated people, because most poker players are lazy and their game level stagnates or even fades over time.

You say you make money from novices?

In fact, when you are at the top of the food chain, everyone is your customer (yes, I know I am exaggerating). No, I was wrong. Don't tell me, I have been having a lot of trouble solving this ethical problem for many years. This is not a problem in the end, but my parents have passed on me too many noble values. -).

Today, my vision is simple. All the information can be obtained cheaply, and even all the information about becoming a poker player can be obtained for free on the Internet or in books. Everyone is free to reach out to do their own game and progress. As I told you before, many people have fun, relax and have a "poker budget" there. Instead of investing 50 euros in restaurants and playing movies, they invested 50 euros in tournaments that lasted for hours.

Do you prefer to broadcast live or play online?

I play a lot online. This is a great school of progress. Playing with hands is 10 to 20 times that of life, which is related to this. But know that I already work on the computer, so I don’t want to spend my free time on the computer.

I have been living exclusively for 3 years and I like him very much. Compared with real-time players, which are technically inferior to online players, I have a big advantage (advantage). I also like to chat and laugh at the table with other players. This also brings me to the United States, the Philippines, the Czech Republic, the Balearic Islands,...

I thought it was very nervous and the players did not talk to each other. But is this a good atmosphere?

Well, yes, the atmosphere on the table is usually good, unless a failed loser leaned over and insulted the businessman haha. I fuck with other regular customers who make friends with us almost every day. Live poker is a social event that integrates people from all walks of life.

It is often said that the biggest "fish" in poker is the "shark" in life, and it is often the case. For example, when I was playing a game in the Baearic Islands, I had two restaurant owners, a hotel owner, a brothel owner, two or three retirees, and two professional players on my table. The average loss of $500 per session is really not a problem for some people. They have fun there, have fun, their adrenaline surges, and will not rank for hours while waiting for a decent hand.

Did the bluff really win?

The bluff is too high.

Many people don't know that bluffing is an important part of poker, but it is not.

In fact, the opposite question should be asked: "Is it possible to win without bluffing?" The answer to this question is yes within a small range. Knowing that one of the biggest flaws of players with small limits is that they overpay their opponents’ bets; to take advantage of them, you have to adapt by bluffing slightly when bluffing, but betting high, because they usually pay the bet with a weaker hand . As English speakers say, you can "print banknotes" there.

Do you recommend a specific online poker site?

According to the French online gaming regulations in 2010, French players must play on ARJEL authorized websites.

I recommend working with the three market leaders to provide them with quality services (premium software, many tables and tournaments available, customer service, bonuses and security provided).

These are Winamax, Pokerstars and Everest Poker.

What about poker site bonuses? does it exist?

Do they attract novices like sports betting? All .fr online poker sites offer this bonus. For starters, the problem is that they will be difficult to unlock completely. On the other hand, this is a real help for beginners, because the site will almost return the commission (commission) returned to the player to the player.

What are the ingredients of a good poker player?

Here they are:

-Solid technical experience

-Off-desk fund management (fund management)

-Table selection

-Psychologically peaceful

-Has logical meaning

-Perseverance and rigor

-Passion for this game

What are your winning skills in the short or medium term?

You don't have to think about poker in the short term, but only in the medium to long term. I just want to say that we have to do a lot of work in theory, but do less at the beginning to improve as soon as possible. After that, never stop improving and always stay ahead of other participants.

How do you control your emotions without succumbing to tilt?

I have no tilt issues. I am relatively quiet by nature. I am thinking about long-term. Even losing a huge pot will not affect me for more than a few seconds, just like winning the pot.

How do you manage funds?

I started investing in beer at night and Red Bull Vodka at the end of the night haha! More seriously, my chips on the table never exceed 3-4% of my total funds, so my risk of bankruptcy is almost zero.

How much do you earn?

How many hours do you want to play a week or a month? Learn ?

It’s a joke, it seems taboo to talk about income.

In the poker world, we are talking about long-term win rates (online poker games have stores per 100 hands, real-time cash games and tournament return on investment (ROI) in hourly stores).

Many players "bragged" (exaggerated) and frantically promoted short-term win rates, but they ignored the importance of short-term differences (luck). To know your true win rate, you need hundreds of thousands of online games and thousands of hours of life. In the long run, for most players who win, they can earn between $20 and $50 per hour. There are too many parameters, I can't put it in a nutshell, otherwise I will write a pad. By the way, don’t forget that most players lose.

I spend 50 to 80 hours a month. If I play more, I lose the fun of playing. In theory, I should work less than 10 hours a month, so I should do more work off-site.

Do you need to pay taxes for this?

Each country has laws. In France, entertainment participants engaged in main activities (work) do not have to pay taxes. In Spain, even the entertainment industry must pay income tax. Find out if there are taxes due in your country of residence.

In any case, the perceived size of each pot directly receives some share in the state tax, and the rest goes to casinos or online poker sites.

Is it realistic to want to make a living by playing poker online? Poker?

Today, on the website, for players living in France, I find it very difficult, because since 2010, there are very few big tables (full of good regular players), and professional players should pay Huge taxes (fine case law).

Since then, players who live on poker alone have to pay taxes, which is not the case for amateur players in France.

This issue is currently unclear. The biggest professional players in France are mainly foreigners from countries such as London, Malta or Thailand. Because they do not pay income tax (only commission), and can visit the more traffic COM website (open tables, tournament offers...). It is unrealistic to live on live cash games. Whether in Paris, Spain or the United States, I always play with one or two professional players.

My opinion on poker

I admit that the few weeks with my friend Mathieu have changed my view of poker. When you hear him talk about it, you feel that he is really passionate about it and like what he did. Almost all the money earned is generated in the background.

I think the long-term challenge of winning, the good atmosphere and the possibility of playing anywhere in the world are great.

But don’t get me wrong: although you may be able to make money in the short term (short term refers to the first 100 hours of playing the game), you can only earn money in the long term (one year) only by practicing skills, being methodical and having statistical methods. E.g).

Thanks to Mathieu, we first eliminated some misunderstandings:

-Poker does not mean easy money. This requires a lot of work and study

-bluff This is not the main limiting element. The frequency of bluffing at game level will be higher

-The atmosphere is very good, far away from the image we created (dark room, sinister mine...)

Mathieu obviously has a preference for instant (indoor) poker. He has tried online poker and live poker, and it seems easier to win in the room. My advice, if you want to start: queue first (play faster by hand), then read a lot, read a lot. I know that my good friend Mathieu has devoured several books on the subject. Very technical books will help you improve your game. Once you feel comfortable, play in the room.


I rarely play poker, let alone make money. But after interviewing Mathieu and reading about the subject, this is my evaluation of the method.

-Easy: 2/5. Difficult but not impossible. You can make money short-term (if you are lucky) and long-term (if you practice a lot and improve the game by reading). In any case, don't misunderstand, this is by no means easy, far from it.

-Possible victory: 4/5. Some people live on poker, but this is rare. Under more normal circumstances, if you do it right, you can earn hundreds of euros per month.

-Time required: 2/5. It takes a lot of time to get a reasonable bonus in poker. First, practice, learn and improve the game. So... just because you have to attend the game, poker itself is very time consuming. If you play games online, you can go online anytime. For theaters, they are open until late at night.

-Funding required: 3/5. To start playing, you need some cash. The quantity is not large, but it can be said that it is not free. To be able to increase your stakes and keep up with the growth of others, you will need a relatively large amount of capital. Mathieu only deposited 4 euros, but this may be an exception.

The advantages of poker are as follows:

-An interesting way to make money. You make money by playing.

-Very pleasant atmosphere.

-You use your brain.

-Once you learn, in the long run, you can expect to get an almost constant income and free yourself from the trouble of lucky factors.

-You can play poker anywhere: online, indoors, in France, in other countries, in resorts...

This is its disadvantage:

-The learning curve is long.

-You will have to spend hours to play and read the topic to improve your level.

-There is no quick solution to win quickly. This is not easy money.

Final score: The final score of this method is 2.75 points (out of 5 points), slightly higher than the average.

If the score is not that high, that's an idea I like. From a purely objective perspective, this is obviously not the easiest or fastest way to make money. But I like its playfulness: this is one of the few methods I have evaluated so far, and it has a friendly and even exciting side. Few people would like statues or cash back, but poker can make them addictive. My friend Mathieu was almost talking about it.

What about you

So this article convinces you to try it?

Let me know in the comments if you have ever played poker and made money, I am very interested!

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