Understanding slot machine paylines

For beginners, the slot machine world is really a headache. Therefore, we explain to you what the paylines of slot machines are and how to better choose different modes of slot machines in the casino.

After reading this article, the slot machine will have no secrets for you!

Looking back at the history of online slot machines

In 1996, the first online slot machine emerged. It was launched by Microgaming, one of the casino gaming giants. Now, the virtual slot machine is a far cry from the first slot machine produced by Charles Fey in 1898.

In 1996, Microgaming designed the online slot machine of Fantastic 7. It only has 3 volumes. In addition, it only provides one payline. She was just assimilated into a one-armed bandit.

Since then, slot machines have continued to evolve. In this case, both online video slot machines and video slot machines installed in physical casinos have been evolving. Indeed, in the digital age, virtual machine developers have set high standards.

Today, these functions have been perfected and can meet the expectations of players. On the other hand, due to their complexity, they may be difficult to decrypt at first.

In addition, over time, we have seen the development of slot machine paylines, with certain slot machine paylines increasing from 1 to 10, or even 50 or more.

Nowadays, you can play on MultiWay, Two-way or Cluster Pays slot machines. The MegaWays system is the most advanced version of slot machines installed in online casinos, but it is also difficult.

What is a slot machine payline?

In English, we use "payline" to translate the payline of the slot machine. This is a predefined line that allows you to win prizes.

Initially, the payline is displayed horizontally and diagonally on the paytable. Today, if you are lucky enough to land the required winning symbols, you can find them on the game screen. -Now that you know what a slot machine payline is, the following are the different slot machine paylines currently used in casinos.

Classic Slot Machine Payline

On the so-called Robber Penguin slot machine, there are usually 1, 3 or 5 lines. If you play on 5 lines, the paylines will be aligned horizontally. Sometimes they are slanted.

The winning combination is always from left to right. An example is Playson's Thunder Reels slot. However, some classic slot machines can now contain up to 50 paylines. Then, the number of rollers is usually from 3 to 5.

In this case, the payline is horizontal, slanted, and can even "break". As before, the winning combination is done from left to right. The Dr. Fortuno slot machine of Yggdrasil Gaming is a good example.

Recently, developers have provided vertical slot paylines. In other words, thanks to very advanced programming technology, the slot machine world is undergoing a real revolution.

For example, we can cite an online slot machine called Chi developed by the publisher Elk Studios, which has a worldwide reputation in the field of slot machine design.

Two-way payline for slot machines

You will understand that the classic slot machine offers paylines and winning combinations are always from left to right. In two-way mode, it is completely different!

Actually, the payline of the slot in the two-way mode is carried out in two directions, namely from right to left or from left to right. In other words, you can get a winning combination in two ways. The divine advantage of the player!

For example, we can quote NetEnt's Starburst slot machine. Some slot machine providers even offer players to choose their payline.

Certain slot machines from casino gaming provider BetSoft Gaming offer this option.

For example, on this publisher's "Good Girl Bad Girl" slot machine, players can choose 30 paylines from left to right in two ways, and vice versa. The best part is that they can play 60 paylines!

How does MultiWays slot payline work?

The term MultiWays is translated from French multi-line. Online casino game publisher Microgaming once again put forward this concept.

Slot machine in payment mode

MultiWays provides multiple combinations. They usually provide 243 payment lines. In other words, there are 243 ways to win prizes.

In addition, this means that players will no longer need to define paylines. Example: If you are using a 5-reel slot machine, usually a payline must contain at least 3 symbols to win.

When using MultiWays slot machine, you only need 3 consecutive symbols to win. To understand how the MultiWays slot machine mode works, it is necessary to browse on the Mount Mazuma slot machine developed by slot machine publisher Habanero.

Some slot machine providers even offer 720 combinations! Betsoft's Tiger's Claw online slot machine is one of the MultiWays mode slot machines with 720 winning combinations!

Slot machines with paylines in "cluster countries" mode

The so-called cluster country/region payline is a simple set of identical symbols.

As long as you combine at least 3 identical symbols, you can win horizontally or vertically.

To illustrate this operation, the best example is the Moon Princess slot machine developed by Play'n Go. On the game screen, you can see 5 columns and 5 rows. The winning combination is made by obtaining 3 identical symbols.

Another example of the "cluster country" model of a slot machine is the Aloha slot machine developed by Netent, but to profit from it, you need a set of 9 identical symbols. Remember, this machine has 6 rollers and 5 rows.

How to deal with slot paylines in MegaWays mode?

Slot machine operation in MegaWays mode has completely changed the world of slot machines in online casinos, but it is also a hard work.

The MegaWays operation mode of the slot machine was invented by the game publisher Big Time Gaming. In fact, he even applied for a patent to monopolize. But what exactly is it?

In fact, the MegaWays payline has more than 240,000 ways to win, even depending on the slot machine.

Take the Big Time Gaming white rabbit slot machine as an example. The working principle of this machine is as follows: This machine has 5 or 6 rollers. The number of rows is between 3 and 4. It is good to know that these lines may double. They can even triple!

When there are many rows, the chance of getting a winning combination is very high. Therefore, on a slot machine with MegaWays mode, the number of combinations changes with each spin. Extra Chilli and Bonanza slots are examples of this.

In 2020, the MegaWays model is notorious. Many well-known game publishers, such as Netent or BluePrint, require Big Time Gaming to use their MegaWays license for new creations.

In fact, thanks to the MegaWays system, game publishers hope to provide their players with more opportunities to win big prizes. In addition, it allows these casino game providers to build a brand image among players.

Now you know all the information about slot paylines!

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