Where is the biggest international poker tournament held?

With millions of dollars in donations, the largest international poker tournament brings together enthusiasts, celebrities and professional players. Research expert games, watch new-recorded spectacles or unmissable events eager to get a bigger and bigger pot (for example, the $1.3 million recorded on Full Tilt Poker in 2009). Do you know your poker game and strategy? To make your dreams come true, this is all the knowledge you need to host the world's largest poker tournament.

Las Vegas World Poker Tournament

Las Vegas is a must-visit destination for gamblers, convening thousands of players every year to participate in the World Series of Poker (WSOP). This game is organized by the most prestigious casino in the world, where amateurs, professionals and celebrities will compete with each other. Among the most popular tournaments, the PokerStars Main Event is perfect for beginners who want to win. To play it, you must budget an entry fee of 500 to 1 million US dollars, and it takes 40 days to play the game from late May to early July. As available variants, for example, you have Omaha or Hold'em. And, if you want to qualify, know that the poker app is the best opportunity to get attention, especially when you can access the most famous poker rooms online.

World Poker Tour, USA

Since 2002, the Word Poker Tour (WPT) has been organized in the United States, which is the true benchmark in the world of Poker Tour. The game was broadcast live on TV, which made the players very popular with the public. Because the player card is visible to the public, the ratings are high. Those who want to participate in the WPT tournament must provide a registration fee of US$3,000 to US$10,000 for a period of 4 days, during which you can play No-Limit Texas Hold'em and win US$400,000 to US$4 million.

European Poker Tour, Barcelona, ​​London, Dublin

When the European Poker Tour (EPT) was launched in 2004, its first donation was $229,000. This is the European version of the WPT. Its phases are held in different cities such as Barcelona, ​​London and Dublin, and the Monte Carlo finals are scheduled to be held at the end of this year. As more and more participants participate, the prize pool continues to increase and will exceed 5 million by 2012. To participate in this tournament, you must go online through the PokerStars poker room or by choosing the $5.50 Pokerstars satellite to get a qualifying bet that can bring you $20,000 in rewards. This is very convenient for participating in EPT with an entry fee of US$3,000 to US$15,000 and receiving a bonus of US$3 million.

International Stadium Poker Tour, Dusk to Dawn

Hold an international poker tournament on the football field! This is the original concept proposed by Prosper Masquelier. This is the behind-the-scenes footage of the International Arena Poker Tour. Please note that ISPT is operated by the Dusk Till Dawn online gambling website. If you want to qualify, please go to the Ipoker Network Room. For an entrance fee of 3,000 euros, ISPT tournaments can enter fabulous stadiums, such as Wembley, where 761 players gathered in 2013. Among the available variants, Hold'em allows the winner to win a grand prize of 1 million euros.

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