Win money on a slot machine, can you beat a slot machine?

Opdateret: 30. sept. 2020

Always win with slot machines! Can you really influence and beat slot machines?

Sounds full of expectations, design a slot machine that can ensure you keep winning. But can you design it yourself? Did you know that producers always make machines, so players always lose, and slot machine makers always win. But you may ask how to do it. Slot machines use reels, which are in motion. Images are listed on these scrolls, and on the screen you will see these different images on the scrolls. The producer of the slot machine can accurately calculate the probability of various combinations. He must calculate which combinations will receive a bonus or bonus, and which will not.

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Influence slot machine

The cabinet cannot be affected online. The only thing you can do is join various online casinos. After registering, you will usually receive a welcome bonus. For example, get 100 Euros or 250 spins for free at Oranje Casino. By using this bonus, you will immediately increase your chances of winning. Check here what promotions are currently being offered by various European and reliable casinos on the Internet.

Calculate odds and symbols on slot machines

If your slot machine has three reels, there are a total of ten images, and each reel has a cherry. Then, of course you want to put three cherries in the picture. Then the probability is 10% of 10%. There is a small chance of completing this task once in every thousand games. However, when two cherries are placed on one of the three reels, the chances increase. Then, the probability of three cherries is 10% to 10% to 20%, so you have a chance of one in a thousand.

Losing or winning on a slot?

For example, you can bet 0.20 Euro cents, and then you can win the following prizes: three apples 40 euros, two apples 10 euros, and one apple 1 euro. Then, you want to know if it is the slot machine you will get. In any case, you now know how the slots are designed and what the producers look like, and they look at how to make the most of the slots. It is very attractive to players, but usually your chances of winning are very small, and you will always be aware of this. If you still want to play the game, make sure to calculate the odds before you can see the slot machine that suits you best. See a complete overview of the slots here.

Psychology and slot machines, how does this work?

Create an award-winning slot machine

The person who makes the slot machine makes the slot machine so that the player always loses and the person who creates the slot machine wins. But how is that possible? The reels used in the slot machine can make you move. All reels contain many images, and various images will appear on the screen after playback. The designer can accurately calculate the probability of winning. He only needs to calculate the combinations that can be rewarded. If a slot machine has three reels with a total of ten images, each reel has an apple. The chance of a combination of three apples on the screen is 1 in 1000. This means you have a chance of 3 apples out of 1000 games.

Apples on the plate and chances of winning

If two apples are placed on one of the three reels, the chance that you will win increases. The chance that you will get three apples is 2/1000. This means that when you play 1000 times you have twice the chance to win three apples. Then the chance that you will get two apples is 0.044. So with 1000 games you can get 44 times the chance of two apples.

Profit calculation example

If the game costs 20 cents, then the designer can provide you with prizes. For example, three apples are 40 euros, two apples are 10 euros, and one apple is 1 euro. Nothing in the other symbols in the slot machine.

1000 times 0.20 cents equals 200 euros The costs are as follows: 3 apples 2 times.

2 times 40 euros = 80 euros

Two apples have 44 odds.

44 times 10 euros = 440 euros

306 chances for 1 apple. 360 times 1 euro = 306 euros

Total expenditure of 826 euros Therefore, your loss is 626 euros.

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